Common Sump Pump Problems

As we prepare for April showers to bring May flowers, we know that sump pump maintenance and repair is crucial for a dry basement during excessive rain. If you haven’t done some routine maintenance recently or got your sump pump checked in the last two months, we...

Jimmy Dickerson

Patterson did a thorough job and provided me with a list of items that might need servicing in the future and a cost estimate for repairing them. This service was purchased thru Angie’s List and was a real bargain.  My hot water heater was flushed and all the...

Carol Farren

I called the company to take a look at my slow-flushing old toilet. They came out the next day and a technician determined that the line was not clogged but that mineral deposits in the toilet was causing the issue. That is what I suspected after trying unsuccessfully...

Causes of a Leaky Faucet

When you hear the word leaky faucet, what do you think of? Chances are those annoying dripping sounds. What you’re probably not thinking about is how much money is going down the drain the longer you let those noises continue. But before you stop the drip, you need to...
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