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washing machine maintenance

Summer Plumbing Tips

Family Having Fun Playing In Garden

When thinking about the summer, plumbing issues likely aren’t the first thing to come to mind. Yet warmer months tend to be prime time for plumbing problems that may not occur during the rest of the year.

Protect your home and property from any issues this summer by keeping the below in mind:

Washing Machine Maintenance
Spending more time outdoors can lead to more loads of wash – and you’ve got to make sure your washing machine is prepared. Check its hoses for any leaks, cracks, or bulges. If you haven’t replaced the hoses in the last several years, now may be the time to do so.

Clogged Disposal
Be cautious of what is thrown down your garbage disposal, especially after cookouts. Remember, stringy foods (think corn husks, celery, etc) can easily wrap around the blade, clogging the drain. Greasy foods should also be avoided as they leave a film over the disposal’s blades, diminishing their effectiveness.

Standing Water
Give your yard a thorough inspection for any areas that are too wet and with unusual plant/grass growth. This could mean you have a standing water problem, commonly from a damaged sewer line. Standing water is not healthy for children or pets and can be a breeding ground for pesky insects!

Clogged Toilets
Household toilets are used more regularly in summer months – what with children home from school. Make sure all members of your household aren’t overusing the toilet paper and are flushing only after they actually use the bathroom.

Following these tips will keep your home’s plumbing system running smoothly this summer. If you do run into a problem, don’t hesitate to contact Patterson Plumbing and Heating at (719) 544-4922. Like us on Facebook for even more plumbing tips.

Wisdom for the Washer


Your washing machine is one of the hardest working appliances in your home and thus, it’s important to keep it in good working condition. Add loads of convenience to your life for years to come with these washing machine maintenance tips from Real Simple Magazine:

  1. Between uses, leave the lid of the washing machine open – the air drying helps curb mildew growth.
  2. Once a month, throw in a bleach-free washer cleaner to blast away odor-causing residue. Run the machine empty on a hot cycle.
  3. Confirm your washer is level! Having an unlevel washer can cause vibrations that not only damage your floor, but may prematurely wear out key components like the shock absorbers and tub bearings – plus who wants to listen to that noise? Place a level on top of the machine and adjust its feet (which typically screw up or down accordingly). If you are still having problems keeping it level, place a piece of plywood down thats a little larger than the machine’s base to help absorb some vibrations.
  4. Washer hoses can bulge and tear over time, be sure to check them out and replace them when necessary. Don’t wait until your home is flooded before the new hoses are considered!

When it comes to any plumbing concerns – give your local Pueblo, CO plumbers a call. The experts here at Patterson Plumbing & Heating offer complete plumbing, water heater, drain and sewer services.