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Pueblo 5 Day Kitchens

How to Maximize Space in a Small Kitchen

Wishing for more space in your kitchen won’t get you very far. It’s all about working with the space you do have. And we have some tips to help you manage your space accordingly!


De-clutter your counterMove your paper towel holder behind closed doors! Don’t worry, no skills are needed to install this – the holder simply clips right onto the cabinet door and holds itself in place. A coffee cup rack next to your coffee machine works wonders too!

Free up some cabinet space – Consider installing a ceiling mounted rack with a built in light fixture. This way you are able to hang glassware like wine glasses or lightweight pots and pans over head, without sacrificing cabinet space or light!

Add some shelving space – By inserting wire racks in your cabinets, you can really maximize space. With different heights and widths to choose from – you can keep different sized dishes and bowls stacked right on top of each other.

Install a pull out pantry – A slim pullout pantry can be installed in even the tightest of places. Keep all jars, bottles, and cans between appliances or other cabinets – while still conveniently reaching the items in the back!

Open up the room – Remove your kitchen door or better still – have the kitchen opening widened or a wall removed. This will open up more space to add additional functionality – think rolling island/cart that can be moved into place when extra counter space is needed or stored away if unused.

Had enough of your small kitchen? Give us a call! Our kitchen remodeling division, 5 Day Kitchens of Southern Colorado, will work with you to ensure your new remodel meets all of your home’s needs: 719-544-4922

Top Cabinetry Trends for Your Kitchen

If you feel your kitchen has lost it’s wow factor, consider updating its cabinetry! Whether you are planning on a total remodel or just want a make-over that doesn’t break the bank, new cabinetry can easily transform a tired-looking kitchen.

See below for some cabinetry trends you could do now – and still love down the road: interior custim kitchen

Mix and match. Homeowners are looking to go outside of the box, by mix and matching the colors of their cabinets. Doing so helps break up the monotony and can become a pivotal design piece.

Efficiency. Aside from color, many homeowners look for cabinets offering enough storage capacity as well as functionality. Cabinets now offer storage options like pull out trays, bread boxes, or narrow spaces to store cookie sheets or muffin tins.

Glass front cabinets. Open shelving or glass front cabinets give the eye a break from wall to wall cabinetry. Try adding a few glass inserts to display your favorite dishes while giving your kitchen a bright and airy feel.

Hide and seek. Feel like certain appliances in the kitchen are an eye sore? Give your kitchen a unified look by installing cabinetry to hide appliances.

Still looking to zero in on a style you love? Give our kitchen remodeling division, 5 Day Kitchens of Southern Colorado, a call. With our unique design and selection system and a dedicated professional kitchen designer at your side, you can confidently navigate the process in a fraction of the time.

Patterson Plumbing at the Colorado State Fair

Celebrate the end of summer at the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo Colorado this week!

Be sure to stop by our booth to see our new kitchen and bath designs from our kitchen and remodeling divisions: 5 Day Kitchens of Southern Colorado of Pueblo and Re-Bath® of Pueblo.







At Patterson Plumbing & Heating, we provide the highest level of service and technical excellence around. Our mission is to build peace of mind in ourselves, our customers, and the community through integrity and proficiency. Our plumbers, drain cleaning techs and home heating and air conditioning professionals can repair any problem with your home’s plumbing, furnace, boiler or air conditioning. Through our sister companies, Re-Bath and 5 Day Kitchens, we are able to help you find the perfect solution to your bathroom and kitchen remodeling needs. Come speak to us at the fair and feel free to give us a call with any quesitons! 719-544-4922

5 Simple Ways to Update Your Kitchen This Weekend


Is your kitchen in need of an update but you’re not ready to make the commitment for a complete kitchen remodel? Not to worry – there are some simple things you can do to liven it up! All you need is some creativity and a quick trip to your home goods store:

  1. Paint it: A new coating of paint is an easy update. Feel free to add some new color accidents to your walls or even the kitchen cupboards. To really enhance the look try a whole new color scheme!
  2. Light it:  A hanging, pendant light is a great statement piece that can set the tone for any kitchen. Opt for replacing its lampshade with a new daring material.
  3. Handle it: From stainless steel handles to delicately decorated knobs – it’s amazing what new cabinet handles can do for the kitchen. Just make sure to pick one style and keep too it for continuity!
  4. Plant it: Bring your herb garden inside to add a splash of color (and convenience). Herbs are fine to grow in pots so long as they are properly watered and receive adequate sunlight.
  5. Shelve it: Minimize clutter and mess by adding a few wall mounted shelves. First decide what you’d like to display – antique kitchen gadgets or decorative jars – and then figure out their positioning.

This weekend, breathe new life into your kitchen with the above tips – you’d surprised at what a big difference a small change can make!

When you are ready to discuss a complete kitchen remodel, give the experts at Patterson Plumbing and Heating a call. Our kitchen remodeling division, 5 Day Kitchens, will work with you to ensure your new remodel meets all of your family’s needs.

January is Get Organized Month!


Think about it, how much time is wasted in your life looking for things you have misplaced? Research has shown on average, people waste as much as an hour a day – 15 days a year due to disorganization! Enter Get Organized (GO) Month – the perfect way to start the new year.

Thanks to the National Association of Professional Organizers, Get Organized Month has been around since 2005 – working to increase public awareness of the importance of being organized. Start off 2015 clutter free with these tips for organizing your kitchen:

  • If your kitchen allows, hang pots and pans overhead for extra space.
  • Eliminate search time! Stash pantry items in the see-through pockets of an over-the-door organizer.
  • Arrange your kitchenware by the frequency of use. Place every day dishes on an easy to reach shelf and special occasion pieces up above.
  • Mount the basics to declutter your counters – including calendar, to do lists, hanging files for mail and additional papers.

Perhaps the overall flow of your kitchen isn’t working for your home’s needs. Give our kitchen remodeling division, 5 Day Kitchens of Southern Colorado, a call! We offer many different services and products to suit all your kitchen remodeling needs. Contact us for a free consultation: 719-404-4242

5 Kitchen Cleaning Tricks You Can Use at Home


Cleaning your home this weekend? We know this isn’t the most exciting of chores – especially when you need to tackle the kitchen. However, the more you avoid it, the more you let grease, grime, and mold buildup in a place you prepare meals in!

Try some of these simply, clever, cleaning tricks to tackle the tough spots on your counters, floors, and pans with everyday items:

Clean Countertop Stains with Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide, water, and a few drops of ammonia can rid most stains that hit your stone countertops.

Mop Your Tile Floors with Baking Soda. One of our favorite homemade cleaners, take two gallons of water along with half a cup of baking soda and scrub away!

Use Salt to Clean Iron Pans. Have some cooking residue on your cast iron pan? Place it on medium heat and add 2 tablespoons of oil. Once heated nicely, add 3 tablespoons of salt. Take your tongs to hold a paper towel, scour until clean. When done, all you have left is to rinse and add vegetable oil to cure.

Make Wood Floors Shine with White Vinegar. Fill a bucket 90% of the way with warm water and the other 10% with white vinegar. Use a mop to coat the floor once and let dry to get floors looking shiny and new!

Use these cost and time efficient tricks to make your day of cleaning not so miserable. Plus, most of these things used can be found around your home. For more tips and advice visit our Facebook.

Saving Money on Your Kitchen Plumbing Fixtures


Most homeowners don’t expect to spend a lot of money on plumbing and fixtures when remodeling a kitchen.  However, without taking the proper steps and making correct decisions – its easy to find yourself spending extra cash you didn’t want to.

See below for some money saving tips to keep in mind when remodeling your home:

  1. Good Deals – Look around for stores offering special discounts, coupons, or deals on their products. Discounts are always a plus when shopping for kitchen fixtures! Who doesn’t like extra bucks in their pocket?
  2. Normal Repairs – Keeping up to date with your kitchen plumbing maintenance can save you money in the long run. Be sure to schedule regular checks on your plumbing with one of our experience technicians each month. Also, checking on your own for leaks and cracks regularly can help you catch problems early.
  3. Experienced Contractors – If you hire a cheap plumber with novice skills, they not only may not fix the problem – but make matters worse. Then you’ll need to hire another plumber to fix the mess they made. For a qualified plumber, call us at Patterson Plumbing and Heating.

By using these tips you will not only save money but save yourself some headaches as well. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a kitchen plumbing inspection, give us a call at 719-544-4922. And if you’re looking for help in your kitchen remodeling – contact our team at 5 Day Kitchens!