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Preparing AC for Summer

#WellnessWednesday – Health and Air Conditioning

When we think of summer and hot or humid weather – the thought of sitting in a cool air conditioned room is not far behind. But is being too cool good for you? Unfortunately, abusively low temperatures and poor maintenance have led to health problems and other daily irritations. But as long as you take proper precautions you should have a healthy start to this AC season.

Thanks to Hello Magazine, we have a quick list of the benefits and risks that come with air conditioning:


  • Improves comfort levels at leisure and at work – thus improving job performance
  • Can result in increased physical and intellectual activity
  • Lower temps reduce the presence of insects or parasites
  • A CLEAN air conditioning system helps exclude external allergens such as pollens
  • A properly installed and maintained system renews and improves air quality


  • Sudden changes in temperature and humidity affect the respiratory system
  • It has a drying effect on skin and mucous membranes
  • Air conditioning an irritate the eyes (ie: contact lens wearers, risk of conjunctivitis)
  • Air conditioning is associated with throat irritation and hoarseness

To reduce the above risks, it’s important that air conditioned spaces are regularly ventilated. Rooms should be kept between 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit as well as an average humidity of 60% – 70%. And as always, any installation or AC tune up should be done by a professional.

While there are some steps you can take on your own to maintain your air conditioning system, it’s best to leave the tune-up process to one of our experts here at Patterson Plumbing & Heating. We’re the Pueblo, Colorado area heating and air conditioning tune-up specialists, offering upfront pricing and clean and courteous technicians.

Call and make an appointment that’s convenient for you today! 719-544-4922.

Prepare Your Air Conditioning for Summer

With warmer temps around the corner, your best defense is an air conditioning system. Proactive maintenance is key to having a properly functioning unit, so here are some important steps you can take now to be sure your system is in tip top shape for the summer sun:

Clean/change the filter once a month

One of the easiest steps one can do to keep the AC running smoothly. For central air systems, the filter is usually located on the face of the blower unit behind a metal panel. Just unscrew the panel, remove the old filter, and replace it with a new one. For window units, the filter is located on the face of the unit behind a metal or plastic panel. This is usually a permanent filter that can be cleaned with some white vinegar and water, just make sure it air drys completely before putting it back in your unit.

Clean the outdoor unit

Use a clean cloth or brush to gently clean the fins on the outside unit – be careful NOT to bend the thin metal. Also be sure to remove any dust, mud, and other debris that may show up on the coils if you don’t use a cover on your outdoor unit. For the exterior condenser to work properly, it needs unobstructed flow of air around it. Make sure at least 2 feet of clear space is available. Keeping the unit clean from debris will reduce resistance and boost your A/C’s efficiency.

Clean indoor duct-work

Since duct-work is hidden within your walls and ceilings, a full cleaning should be done by a professional. At Patterson, our air duct cleaning process is designed to remove and capture all contaminants from your duct system. You are also able to keep parts of the duct-work clean simply by inspecting and wiping down the visible parts of the ducts. Also, be sure to check these parts of the ducts for wear or water damage.

While homeowners can perform some of these procedures, others will require the help of a professional. When in doubt, give our air conditioning technicians at Patterson Plumbing & Heating a call. It’s also good to schedule a pre season tune up with us to give your unit a thorough look over before sweltering temps take over.

Call Patterson duct cleaning services or tune up specialists now to schedule an appointment – 719-544-4922