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Plumbing Resolutions for the New Year

In just a few days we’ll be heading into 2016 and you know what that means. Another year gone by, another set of resolutions to make – or break. In fact, did you know that according to a University of Scranton study, only 8% of people are actually successful in achieving their resolution?

Although this may only be a small fraction of people, the good news is that there are plenty of resolutions that are easy to follow through. Which ones, you ask? Anything that has to do with your plumbing! Here are 5 that we suggest for you:

  1. Treat your garbage disposal well. By now you should know what you should and shouldn’t put down the disposal. Make a conscious effort in the New Year to follow those rules as well as handle regular garbage disposal maintenance.
  2. Similar to the above, remember that your toilet isn’t a trash can! Flushable wipes, medicine, grease, and cat litter are just some things that can contribute to plumbing problems. Read more here »
  3. Your water heater is in need of some TLC. Your home’s water heater requires regular maintenance for optimal efficiency. So use this as the time to do so! This is also the perfect time to give us a call for professional tune up.
  4. Get your pipes bundled for winter. No one wants a burst pipe in the middle of winter. So before the cold really sets in, make sure any exposed pipe is properly insulated.
  5. Cut back on energy use. From scaling back to daily water use, to simply remembering to unplug appliances – simple adjustments can go a long way in savings. Consider upgrading to ENERGY STAR labeled fixtures and make a promise to fix small plumbing problems (like slow leaks) FAST!

Take better care of your home in the New Year – and if you think you spot an issue, give us a call! Our team has helped Pueblo homes since the fall of 1984 and know that you and your home deserve to be treated with respect. Give us a call today for fast service: 719.544.4922

Wishing all of our customers a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

#TuesdayTips for an Over-Flowing Toilet

Plumber uncloging toilet

We’ve all been there, that suspenseful moment when you flush your toilet and the water begins to rise higher… and higher… Having a toilet overflow isn’t uncommon but never the less isn’t something you hope for. Should you come across a toilet overflow emergency, follow the below steps:

Locate and turn off the water shut off valve – Typically located near the base of your toilet, but if you don’t have one open the tank and rig the float to stay in the proper position to prevent additional water from filling the tank.

Clean up any spills – If water has spilled over onto the floor, clean it up immediately. Be sure to wash and disinfect any part of the room that was dampened by toilet water.

Start plunging – Often times a clog is the culprit of the overflow, so take a toilet plunger to free up the clog.

Call a professional – If the above steps aren’t successful, it’s time to give the experts at Patterson Plumbing & Heating a call. We hire the absolute best drain cleaning technicians, give them the best training and tools to serve you and unclog your drain problems.

It’s easy to forget your sewer and drain lines until it’s too late and they get backed up, clogged or plugged! We can clear drain problems and stopped-up drains fast. Our drain cleaning technicians are clean, courteous, and expert sewer and drain specialists. Contact us today:  719-544-4922.

Back to School Plumbing Tips


It’s that time of year, your kids will be swapping their swimsuits for backpacks and the transition from the lazy days of summer to busy school schedules will be upon you. This change in routine can not only be stressful on you and your family – but your pipes as well!

With the entire family getting ready for work and school at once, your plumbing system needs to be prepared. See below for some tips to ensure you start this school year off on a good foot:

  • Split showers between mornings and nights. Staggering bathing times helps to ensure optimal water temperature and pressure for everybody. You may want to consider putting in a place a minutes maximum bathing time rule as well.
  • Help avoid moisture problems and keep cooling costs down, run the bathroom fan during and after showers/baths for 15 minutes to control humidity
  • Using faucets for personal hygiene can take up approximately 12% of your home’s water usage! Turn off the tap between wetting your toothbrush and rinsing your mouth!
  • Be mindful of what is put down the drain or toilet. Make sure unwanted items go where they belong otherwise you may have a clogged toilet or drain on your hands.

Make sure your home is ready for the new school year, give the experts at Patterson Plumbing and Heating a call to handle some routine maintenance. We’re the Pueblo, CO area plumbing, water heater, drain and sewer services specialists.

Plus, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @PatPlumbingInc to keep up-to-date with Patterson Plumbing.