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natural drain cleaners

Bathroom Hacks: Unclogging Your Toilet

Woman in toilet

Find yourself with a clogged toilet and no plunger in sight? Take a breath, we’re here to help. We’ve got a few bathroom hacks to keep in mind in case you find yourself up the creek without a paddle:

Dish soap and hot water: This technique requires a toilet that is not overflowing. You’ll need to squirt some dish soap or shampoo into the toilet, followed by a gallon of very hot water. After a few minutes, the hot water should break up the clogged paper as the soap helps it slide down the pipe.You may need to repeat until all debris is gone.

Baking soda and vinegar: Long known for unclogging drains, this mix can also unclog toilets. Just pour your baking soda into the bowl followed with equal parts white vinegar. Wait a few minutes for the two to react and flush it with hot water. Repeat as necessary until the clog is released.

Give us a call: If all else fails and you fear a more serious clog, give us a call. Patterson Plumbing & Heating plumbers and drain techs are dedicated to technical and service excellence! Get FAST, friendly, courteous service from the best trained plumbers in the Pueblo, Colorado area, call 719-544-4922.

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FAQs About Your Drains


Most of us don’t give our drains a second thought – until we notice something unusual about them. At the end of the day, drains are an important part of your day to day life – so we want to make sure yours continue operating as smoothly as possible.

See below for some of the most frequently asked questions about drain cleaning that homeowners ask:

Why is water coming into my sink when I run the dishwasher?
Since there’s usually a connection between the dishwasher and drain from the garbage disposal, if food is left behind it can clog that connection. Before running the dishwasher – make sure your disposal is food free!

Are store bought liquid drain cleaners safe?
In short, not exactly. While they may provide a temporary fix – the reality is that over time the cleaner will actually erode and cause damage to your actual pipes. Opt for natural cleaning solutions to play it safe.

Why do I hear a gurgling sound in my sink after I flush the toilet?
Hearing this sound may not seem too alarming, but it can turn into a bigger problem if you let it persist. This noise is a common sign that the pipes aren’t properly vented – which can lead to blockage as well as slower water flow.

There’s a foul odor coming from my garbage disposal, help!
Odors generally come by a buildup of food debris. For an easy way to remedy the situation, try tossing a few ice cubes or orange peels into the disposal and letting it run for 30 seconds. This will help rid any debris, while providing a citrusy scent.

If you notice issues with your drains, get it taken care of as soon as possible! Contact us today to have one of our specialists come by, diagnose the plumbing problem, make recommendations and prepare pricing by the job – not the hour – so there are no surprises.

The Secret Cleaning Weapon: Vinegar

Natural cleaners. Vinegar, baking soda, salt and lemon.

From freshening up your fridge to unclogging drains – white vinegar does it all. Just a small amount of this all-purpose cleaner, either as is or mixed with water, can replace many, pricier store bought products huddled under you sink.

  • Freshen your fridge – Mix a half water and half vinegar solution to clean the shelves and walls
  • Kill germs – Spray full strength vinegar around your sinks and bathroom tub to kill off germs. Just wipe clean with a damp cloth and vuala!
  • Remove buildup – Make a paste of 1 teaspoon vinegar and 2 tablespoons of salt to apply to sink fixtures to rid any lime buildup. Then, just rub with a cloth.
  • Unclog drains – Pour one cup baking soda followed by one cup white vinegar down your stopped drain. Cover with a washcloth and let sit for 15 minutes. Then flush with hot water.
  • Tidy your toilet – Remove stains from your toilet bowl in a pinch. Pour a cup or more of diluted white distilled vinegar into the bowl. Let it sit for a few hours or over night then scrub well with a toilet brush and flush.

For more ways to unleash the power of white vinegar, head over to All You’s article here »

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Why Store Bought Cleaners Aren’t a Good Solution to Clogged Drains

While we understand the convenience of store bought cleaners for clogged drains, we strongly caution against them. Why you ask? Truth is that while yes they do technically work – it’s only a temporary fix. These cleaners are actually pretty detrimental to the longevity of your drain pipes!

These liquid cleaners are corrosive by nature, so the more you pour down the pipes the more they will erode the interior. The continue use of them will cause some significant long term damage. Over time, there’s a good chance you will have to replace your pipes due to the damage they have caused – and pipe replacement is significantly more pricey than a professional drain cleaning.

So what do you do when you have a clogged drain and not enough time to call our drain experts at Patterson Plumbing & Heating? Luckily there are a few natural solutions that get the job done, without leaving your pipes in danger:

Vinegar and Baking Soda Solution:

Pour a cup of baking soda and white vinegar into the drain. It will fizz immediately and will help remove gunk, hair, and any grime that has built up. Let it sit and then flush it with several cups of boiling hot water.

Salt and Baking Soda:

Mix 1/2 cup of table salt with 1/2 cup of baking soda and pour down the blocked drain. Let this sit and then flush it with several cups of boiling hot water. Much like the above treatment, this salt, baking soda, and boiling water will create a chemical reaction that should dislodge even the toughest of clogs!

If your clog is even tougher to remove than anticipated, that’s what we’re here for. Contact us today to have one of our specialists come by, diagnose the plumbing problem, make recommendations and prepare pricing by the job – not the hour – so there are no surprises.