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How Humidity Affects Your Home

Condensation on glass window with water drops

Humidity can make a hot summer day feel 10 degrees warmer, but that’s not the only way it can impact our lives. In fact, humidity can affect our homes just as much as it affects our bodies.

Humidity is a measure of the level of moisture present in the air – too much or too little of it can have damaging affects. Here are a few ways to tell that the humidity levels in your home are too high.

  • Mold Spots. Water invites mold to grow. Long-term humidity problems can eventually lead to mold growth, so keep your eyes out for spots on your walls and ceilings.

  • Window Condensation. When warm, humid air comes in contact with your cold windows, condensation occurs. This does not happen to the same extent with warm, dry air.

  • Warping wood. Too much moisture in the air can cause the wood in your home to warp, crack, and rot. This includes wood framing, furniture, and flooring.

  • Sticky situation. Does it feel uncomfortably sticky in your home? Sometimes, this is the only sign you need to take action and lower your humidity levels.

So, what can you do if you spot these signs around your home? There are two basic ways to fix high humidity problems:

  • Portable humidifiers: These can be purchased at your local pharmacy for under $50, and are good for problem areas such as the basement or attic.

  • Whole-home humidifiers: These connect directly to your HVAC system and can control humidity levels throughout your entire home, rather than being limited to just one room.

Do you suffer from high humidity in your Colorado home? Trust the experts at Patterson Plumbing to keep you comfortable all year long. We offer a variety of humidity control solutions to homes and businesses in Pueblo County. Contact us online for more information, or give us a call at (719) 544-4922.

5 Ways to Lower Your Home Heating Bill


Cold winter weather goes hand-in-hand with warm sweaters, hot cocoa, and high energy bills. If you are looking to stay cozy this season without breaking the bank, these five tips can help you cut your energy bills without sacrificing comfort.

Change furnace air filters.

Changing the air filters on your furnace every month is not only a good way to cut back on heating costs, it can prevent future breakdowns too. In fact, some experts estimate that the vast majority of all furnace problems are caused by dirty air filters.

Improve your insulation.

If the insulation in your home isn’t up to par, your comfort and wallet could suffer as a result. Make sure you have adequate insulation in your walls, attic, and basement. Adding storm doors and windows can help reduce home heat loss too.

Invest in a programmable thermostat.

Programmable thermostats cost a little bit of money up front, but they pay for themselves rather quickly with the energy savings they provide. Instead of running your furnace all day every day, have it turn off when everyone is at work and school. Then, have it kick on an hour before you get home, so you still arrive to a warm house.

Open and close your curtains accordingly.

The sun is a source of free heat, use it to your advantage! Open up your curtains during the daytime, allowing the sun to naturally help warm your house. Just make sure to close them once the sun sets, otherwise you will lose a lot of heat through your windows.

Have your heating equipment tuned up.

A professional tune up can help your heating system use less energy and prevent future breakdowns. In fact, many heating equipment manufacturers will void their warranty if annual service is not performed by a licensed professional.

Patterson Plumbing & Heating provides a variety of home heating solutions to residents of Colorado. Some of our heating services include furnace installation, repairs, tune ups, air duct cleaning, and more. If you live in Pueblo, Colorado, call us today at (719) 544-4922.