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hot water heater

How to Clean Your Hot Water Tank

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A little bit of maintenance can go a long way for your hot water heater. Annually flushing and cleaning out your tank can eliminate sediment buildup, maximize heating capacity, and improve energy efficiency. And the best part? You don’t need any professional tools or products!

According to Green Living Ideas, it’s possible to clean out sediment from your water heater using nothing more than plain old vinegar. Here’s how:

  1. Disconnect the power to your hot water tank. This is as easy as flipping the switch on your circuit box.
  2. Turn on the hot water on one of the faucets in your home. This will help prevent a vacuum.
  3. Turn off your cold water supply. Turn the shut-off valve located near the top of your water tank.
  4. Drain about one-third of the water from your hot water tank. Attach a hose to the drain valve at the bottom of the heater. Place the other end of the hose in a bucket or outdoors, and open the drain valve.
  5. Locate and remove the anode rod. This rod is located on the top of the tank, recessed into the lid. Removing this rod will require a socket wrench.
  6. Pour vinegar into the tank. Add 1-3 gallons. Use a funnel if necessary.
  7. Replace the anode rod and add water. Turn the cold water supply back on and let it run for 5-10 minutes. This will help circulate the vinegar.
  8. Disconnect the water and let it sit. For best results, the water/vinegar solution should sit for at least 6 hours.
  9. Completely drain the tank. Again, use a hose to drain water from the tank, this time letting it empty completely.
  10. Refill and repower. Close the drain valve, turn on the water and power supplies, and you are good to go!

If you are uncomfortable performing any of these steps on your hot water heater, professional help is available from the experts at Patterson Plumbing. As Colorado’s most trusted plumber, you can depend on us for all of your water heater repair and maintenance needs. Contact us online to get started, or call (719) 544-4922.

Is It Time to Replace Your Water Heater?


Reminder – new water heater requirements go into effect April 15th. So if you’re looking to replace your home water heater, now is the perfect time! The new mandates require higher energy efficiency ratings which brings big changes to you and your family.

Some of the changes that affect you as a consumer are:

  • Higher priced units – up to 35% more expensive.
  • Larger units in size
  • More complicated installation requirements
  • Possible significant home remodeling costs if your water heater doesn’t fit in your space

If you think that you are in need of a new water heater, consider replacing your unit before the new requirements go into effect on April 15th. Patterson Plumbing recommends you book a consultation with one of our experts who will answer any questions you may have about the new regulations, evaluate your current water heater and provide you with options on the next steps. Then, if you decide you want to install before the new regulations take affect we’ll reserve your water heater from our inventory.

Appliance Problems? Here’s What to Look Out For

Even if your toilet isn’t over flowing and your fridge is still keeping your foods cold – that doesn’t mean there may not still be a problem. Your home appliances often show subtle warning signs when something isn’t right. Here’s what to look out for:

Refrigerator – Hear the fridge’s motor constantly running? This could signal there is a problem keeping consistent temperature. Also, if you open the door and find condensation inside, it’s likely the seal on the door needs to be repaired or replaced.

Toilet – Listening to a running toilet is not only annoying, but it can increase your water bills. Most often all you need is a new flapper but sometimes it may require further repair. If unsure, give us a call for a proper inspection.

Furnace and AC – Having problems feeling hot and cold air through the vents in your home? First check the duct’s air filter, if it hasn’t been changed in a few months it’s likely dirty and thus blocking air from circulating throughout your home. Also be sure to check nothing is blocking the air from coming out. If there’s still a problem, contact an expert.

Water Heater – Having problems getting hot water in your shower? That’s where the water heater comes in. If you notice a low supply of hot water, a noisy unit, or leaks/rusted patches on the heater it’s best to contact a specialist to inspect and diagnose the problem.

Knowing what to look out for can help you catch problems before they turn into bigger issues. If your appliances still aren’t working properly, give the experts at Patterson Plumbing & Heating a call. We are the Pueblo, CO area plumbing, drain, heating, and air conditioning specialists.

Is Your Shower Hot Enough?

Many people enjoy stepping into a hot, steamy shower, it’s the perfect time to de-stress and relax at the beginning or end of your hectic day. So it’s not hard to imagine the frustration that comes from standing in a shower that just isn’t hot enough. So what’s the problem?

More than likely, a faulty water heater causes the issue. Here are some common signs that you may need a new unit:

Temperature problems – if your water is too hot or doesn’t reach your ideal temperature, try adjusting the thermostat on the unit. Most households set the temp between 120 and 140 degrees. If there is no hot water coming from the tank or if temperatures are constantly fluctuating, give us a call right away so we can help.

Very low water pressure – Another sign of a water heater issue is having love water pressure. Hotter water temperatures should not equate to low water pressure.

Hearing popping sounds – Yes, water heaters make noises from time to time, but if you hear a constant popping sound, indicative of hard water, this can be detrimental to both your pipes and water heater.

A hasty installation by a local home project store – often times, these water heaters are inappropriately sized for your home.

If you’re experiencing any of the above give us a call today! Our plumbers are gas and electric water heater repair experts, able to fix all makes and models of hot water heaters. For over 25 years we’ve been helping families keep hot water flowing in their homes.

Schedule a water heater repair or replacement appointment at your convenience today 719-544-4922!