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Cleaning Kitchen Tips

#TuesdayTips for Cleaning Up After Guests


Whether your recent holiday guests left your house in a whirlwind or you’re preparing to host this year’s Super Bowl party, keeping these cleaning tricks in mind will help you in restoring your home to it’s normal order:

Fingerprints on stainless steel appliances – Is your refrigerator riddled with finger smudges? Put some olive oil on a clean rag, then use the rag to rub off the marks.

Scuff marks on wood floor – Non-gel toothpaste can do wonders. Apply some to a clean rag and then rub the scuff marks away. Non-gel toothpaste can also work wonders in removing crayon marks (if you have any kids running around).

Scratch marks on wood floor and furniture – Don’t worry, you don’t need to look at these scratches forever. Mix olive oil and vinegar in a three to one ration, apply the mixture onto a clean cloth and rub it onto the marks. The scratches should disappear in seconds, just make sure you buff it out so no one slips on the mixture!

Water ring stains – A tried and true tactic: lift the moisture out of water stains on wood furniture by rubbing mayonnaise onto the stain!

Get your home back to normal using the above common household items and a little elbow grease!

At Patterson Plumbing & Heating, we’re available for all of your plumbing and heating needs. Give one of our expert technicians a call today: 719-544-4922. Don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more updates and industry news.

photo credit: Ali Elan via photopin cc

How Dirty is Your Kitchen?

Dirty dishes in kitchen sink

Did you know, the dirtiest place in your home is actually your kitchen? Think about it, most of the food we prepare and consume happens in our kitchens – and where there is food, bacteria are sure to follow. From stomach unsettling bacteria to everyday cooking grime – the dirt is everywhere.

Follow these tips for making your kitchen squeaky clean:

  • Disinfect Your Sink! It’s your go to place for washing dishes and hands – but it’s also the dirtiest spot in the house. The sink is an easy breeding ground for E. coli and salmonella. Stop that bacteria in its tracks and disinfect it with a dishwashing soap, lemon, and baking soda combo until it shines.
  • …And the Drain – Just because you’re washing food and soap down the drain doesn’t mean it disappears. Often times food will stick inside and thanks to the constant moisture – germs are thriving. Pour a mixture of baking soda, salt, and water down the drain. Then flush it with hot water for 30 seconds. Bonus – you’ll also be eliminating any clogs.
  • Soak Your Faucet – Take the filter screen at the tip of your faucet and soak it in a diluted bleach solution every week to kill off bacteria. Just remember to let the water run through it for a bit after its finished soaking.

Learn more about cleaning your kitchen on Kitchen Daily »

At Patterson Plumbing & Heating, we’re available for all of your plumbing needs. Give one of our expert technicians a call today: 719-544-4922. Don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more updates and industry news.

Cleaning Mistakes You May Be Making

Woman Cleaning Kitchen Countertop

When cleaning your home, common mistakes can muck up even your best efforts. Taking a page out of this month’s Real Simple Magazine, use these tips to save you time and trouble:

  • Placing all utensils in the dishwasher facing the same direction – Placing forks in point up is fine, as it prevents the tines from bending. Spoons and knives however tend to easily fit together – which prevents a complete clean. Next time try alternating some up and others down.
  • Spraying cleaner directly on a surface – Every once in a while this is acceptable, but should really be saved for extremely dirty surfaces. Spay the formula onto a microfiber cloth instead! Wipe-downs done this way require less solution, cutting down on residue buildup.
  • Putting a rinsed toilet brush right back in the holder – Moisture breeds bacteria! Put the brush between the toilet seat and the base of the toilet to allow it to drip dry for 10 minutes. Then feel free to return it to the holder.

For more cleaning tips visit Real Simple’s full article here »
If you come across some problems while cleaning your home, give one of our experts at Patterson Plumbing & Heating a call! A specialist will come by, diagnose the plumbing problem, make recommendations and prepare pricing by the job – not the hour – so there are no surprises. Give us a call at 719-544-4922!

5 Kitchen Cleaning Tricks You Can Use at Home


Cleaning your home this weekend? We know this isn’t the most exciting of chores – especially when you need to tackle the kitchen. However, the more you avoid it, the more you let grease, grime, and mold buildup in a place you prepare meals in!

Try some of these simply, clever, cleaning tricks to tackle the tough spots on your counters, floors, and pans with everyday items:

Clean Countertop Stains with Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide, water, and a few drops of ammonia can rid most stains that hit your stone countertops.

Mop Your Tile Floors with Baking Soda. One of our favorite homemade cleaners, take two gallons of water along with half a cup of baking soda and scrub away!

Use Salt to Clean Iron Pans. Have some cooking residue on your cast iron pan? Place it on medium heat and add 2 tablespoons of oil. Once heated nicely, add 3 tablespoons of salt. Take your tongs to hold a paper towel, scour until clean. When done, all you have left is to rinse and add vegetable oil to cure.

Make Wood Floors Shine with White Vinegar. Fill a bucket 90% of the way with warm water and the other 10% with white vinegar. Use a mop to coat the floor once and let dry to get floors looking shiny and new!

Use these cost and time efficient tricks to make your day of cleaning not so miserable. Plus, most of these things used can be found around your home. For more tips and advice visit our Facebook.