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Learn About Water Treatment Options

Water Treatment OptionsWater quality used to be a non-issue, however with industrial and biological contaminants, effects of chlorine, and other naturally occurring substances that degrade the taste of water – being concerned about water quality is now pretty common (and for good reason!).

Water treatment options can vary from household to household. To help you understand your options better, we’ve listed some of the most common technologies available below:

  • Water Softening: Works to transform ‘hard water.’ Hard water contains dissolved minerals and that’s hard on your household. By adding a soft water conditioner, your clothes and dishes will be cleaner, your drinks will taste better, and your skin will thank you!
  • Water Purification: This is more than just improving water taste, its about refining its quality and making it even better and more pleasing for consumption.
  • Water Filtration: Works to clean water. The type of filtration is dependent on what is or is not removed, where it is occurring, what is doing the filtering, and how the filtration is accomplished. Water filters can be installed on the pipes themselves or at the point where the water enters your home.

At Patterson Plumbing & Heating, we stand by Kinetico home water systems.  Kinetico engineers put their very best thinking into developing innovations to remove nearly everything from water that isn’t water.As an authorized independent Kinetico dealer and installer, you can count on Kinetico and Patterson to deliver superior, healthy water quality for your family.

We offer FREE in-home water analysis appointments, call today – 719-544-4922.

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