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The Importance of Drain Cleaning Pueblo

We all require running water on a daily basis. And we use it probably more often than we even think. Cleaning, cooking, flushing the toilet, laundry, bathing – these are all things that we use water for every day. And the more often we use it, the more likely we are to experience clogs. Drains can become clogged by many things including hair, soap, etc. When clogs happen, it is important to deal with them right away to avoid buildup. No, it’s not a glamorous job, but it is an important one. Here are a few of the many reasons why drain cleaning Pueblo is so important:

Drain Cleaning Pueblo

Image courtesy of Storyblocks.

1) It prevents the buildup of mold and bacteria.

This is the number one reason why it is so important to keep your drains free of clogs. When using your drains, a variety of things can flow into them. Food particles, oils, and other dirt and grimes can seep into your drains and sit there. As they sit, they grow mold. Not only that, but germs thrive on moist environments like these. And the longer things sit, the more harmful they become. If left untreated, buildups in the drains can actually be a health threat to you and anyone else living in your home.

2) It smells

Your drain feeds directly into the sewer. When dirt, grime, mold, and other unwanted issues start to build up, the water that would normally travel into the sewer sits in the pipes. The result? An intolerable stench that seeps back into your home. Drain cleanings can help to remove clogs – and the stench that comes along with them.

3) It can prevent larger issues

What begins as a slow running drain can quickly snowball into an unmanageable problem. When it gets to an unmanageable point, bills and repair expenses can really pile up. Burst pipes, for example, are a common result of improper drain management. To save yourself time, money and hassle, it is best to deal with drain cleaning Pueblo concerns as they arise.

The Problem with Household Drain Cleaners:

Marketers promote household drain cleaning agents as the solution to all drain issues. And while, yes, they can unclog a drain, there are also many other things they can do – that you don’t want them to. Of course you can’t ever expect the marketers to tell you about the harmful side effects of their products. So we will.

The main reason household drain cleaners are such a concern is because of the chemicals within them. The chemicals used within drain cleanser are very strong, corrosive, and poisonous. When used for drain cleaning Pueblo, these cleaners can release toxins into your home. When inhaled, such fumes are toxic. Not only can the chemicals be dangerous if inhaled, but they have also been known to burn or melt the human skin. In addition, they can actually cause more damage to your drains than good. While they may unclog your drain, they could also damage and deteriorate your plumbing.

In addition to the dangers of chemical cleaners, the truth is that they don’t even always work. In most cases they will clear a clogged drain, but a clogged drain isn’t always to blame. Backed up drains can also be the result of a broken pipe or problem with the sewer line. If this is the case, using chemical cleaners is virtually pointless.

An alternative option:

Call a professional! Why? Firstly, a professional plumber will be able to diagnose the cause of backup. If they do deem it to be a clog problem, they can clear out your drains using safe and effective remedies that won’t release toxins into your air. In addition, plumbers have access to products that can clean your drains without causing harm to your pipes.

How can I prevent drain clogs from happening?

While you should have your drains cleaned on a regular basis anyways, there are some things you can do to prevent clogs. Here are a few:

-Never dispose of oil or grease down your drain. Instead, find an old container and put it in the trash

-Never rinse coffee grinds down your drain

-To minimize blockage from hair and soap scum, try using a screen or drain gate. You can find these at your local plumbing supply store

-Run hot water through your sink after each use

-Add baking soda to your hot water rinse once a week. It’s a good cleaning agent, and can help to remove foul odours

-Once a week, pour 1 cup of vinegar down your drain and let it sit for 30 minutes. Chase with hot water

How often do I need drain cleaning Pueblo?

Keeping your drains open and clean should be just as important as keeping the rest of your home clean. The good news is, you don’t need to spend as much time on your drain as you do the rest of your home. As a general recommendation, you should run hot water through your drain on a daily basis. Other methods of self-maintenance such as baking soda and vinegar rinses should occur on a weekly basis. As for professional cleaning, how often will you need it will depend on several factors. These can include things like the size of your home, as well as how often you use your drains. Some small homes may be able to clean drains on an “as needed” basis. Larger homes may need to schedule regular maintenance. Having said that, recommendations are that you have your drains cleaned professionally  once a year.

If you are in need of professional drain cleaning services, call Patterson Plumbing today. We can provide you with quick, professional service from staff with training on proper drain cleaning Pueblo methods.

10 Common HVAC Pueblo Problems

Families depend on HVAC systems to keep their home environment comfortable. So it can be very frustrating when a system isn’t working properly. Common symptoms associated with HVAC problems include hot and cold spots throughout the house. They can also include pressure imbalances, lack of airflow, and warm air flowing from your AC system. If you ignore these problems for too long, your system could experience failure and you will need to invest in a new unit. To avoid this, it is important to have common HVAC Pueblo problems solved immediately. Let’s take a look at a few things that could cause problems with your HVAC system.

HVAC Pueblo

Image courtesy of Storyblocks.

1) Dirty filters

This is the number one reason why HVAC Pueblo contractors like us get called out. You can have a brand new system, but if your filters are dirty it will not work properly. Some of the most common HVAC problems stem from improper care and maintenance of the system. And dirty filters is one of these easily avoidable problems. Failing to change your filters can negatively impact the performance of your HVAC system. Luckily, it is an easy fix. Just pop in a new filter for better air circulation and performance.

2) Ignitions

If you have having trouble starting up your HVAC unit, you are probably experiencing a problem with the ignition. There are several different components of the ignition including the pilot lights, the igniters, and other electrical components. If this is the case, one or more of these things may need replacement.

3) Refrigerant leakage

Refrigerants are liquids used in air conditioning systems. They’re use to cool and dehumidify the air within your home. They’re found in the coils of your system. If the air that your conditioner is producing is not cold, it could very well be a refrigerant problem. In the best case scenario, you could just be running low on the liquid. In other cases, you could have a leak. You should always call out an HVAC Pueblo contractor like ourselves for refrigerant leaks.

4) Clogged drains

This is a problem that occurs when your air conditioning is working, but isn’t doing a sufficient job. If drains become clogged, the functionality of your system will decrease. In such a case, you may need to call in a professional to drain your lines. As a note of caution, don’t leave this job for too long. If your drain stays clogged  for too long, water can begin to back up. When this happens, your home can experience significant water damage.

5) Broken thermostat

Improper cooling or heating isn’t always a result of the HVAC system itself. Sometimes it can be a problem with the thermostat. When there is a problem with the thermostat, you may have a dead or blinking display screen. In such a case, your first step is to try replacing the batteries. If that doesn’t work, check to make sure that there are no broken wires or loose electrical connections. And if you still have no luck, call in a professional.

6) Blocked vents

Again, this isn’t a problem directly related to your HVAC Pueblo system. Having said that, it is a common problem that many people overlook. Many people who think they have a problem with their HVAC system actually just need to rearrange their furniture. Many times we block vents and registers unknowingly or without even thinking about it. In such cases, the air doesn’t escape into our home properly. In return, most people think something is wrong with their HVAC system. But before you call in the experts, take a look around your home. Are all of your vents open and free if any blockages? If not, it may be time to do some rearranging.

7) Wear and Tear

Just like any other system or unit, HVAC’s are susceptible to wear and tear. Overtime, performance can diminish. This may be true even with regular maintenance. Just like people, machines and equipment age. And while we can do things to slow down the aging process, we can’t stop it. In some cases a professional may be able to solve your problem with new parts. But if your system is very old, it may be time for a replacement.

8) Unbalanced air

Before the air in your vents reaches each room, it must first travel through a series of ducts. “Dampers” are used to help balance this airflow, ensuring each room gets the proper amount of air. If you are noticing that some rooms are heating or cooling faster than others, your dampers may be out of balance.

9) Electrical control failure

When experiencing electrical control failure, your air conditioning unit may not turn on at all. In other cases, it may turn on and off frequently. If this is the cases, check the breaker switch to make sure it hasn’t tripped. If it has, great! Just flip it back on. If this doesn’t work, you will probably have to call in a professional for some extra help.

10) Sluggish fans

A blower fan is used to move air throughout your ducts and into your rooms. If the fan is not working properly, the airflow produced by your system will become  impacted. In some cases, the fan may become coated with dirt and grime. If so, all it needs is a good clean. In other cases, you may need to call in an expert for fan replacement.

If you are experiencing any of the above problems with your HVAC Pueblo system and can’t figure out how to solve the problem on your own, call Pattersons Plumbing today. At Pattersons Plumbing we provide a high level of service and technical excellence. Our staff are all highly trained, knowledgeable, and ready to diagnose and fix any problems you may be having with your HVAC system. Call us today!

Septic Tank Pueblo CO Safety Tips

If you have a septic tank on your property, there may come a day where you need to perform maintenance. In such a case, it is extremely important that you do so with caution. Septic tanks can cause accidental injuries. As such, it is important that you take the proper precautions when working with or near one. Here are some septic tank Pueblo CO safety tips to help you on your way:

Septic Tank Pueblo CO

Image courtesy of Storyblocks.

1) Use a sturdy lid.

Having a sturdy, robust lid is extremely important when you own a septic tank. The is especially true if you have children. This is a lid that should not be easily removed. Having a sturdy septic tank lid that is difficult to remove could prevent someone from falling in (especially small children).

Septic Tank Pueblo CO safety tips.

2) Mark your lid.

In addition to having a strong, sturdy lid it should also be well marked. The lid of your septic tank should be easy to identify. It may also be a good idea to write “keep away” or some kind of notice on the lid to warn children of danger.

3) Never lean over the tank.

Unless you need to open the lid, never lean over your septic tank. Septic tanks release strong and toxic gases that could cause harm if ingested. In severe cases, these gases could cause loss of consciousness. As a good rule of thumb; if you don’t need to go near your septic system – don’t.

4) Avoid open flames near your tank.

As mentioned above, septic tanks release toxic gases. One of these gases, known as methane, is very explosive. Something as small as a lit cigarette can cause your tank to combust, so keep even small flames away.

5) Always work with a friend.

If you do have to work on your septic tank, have a friend alongside. There are several different hazards that come along with working on a septic tank. As such, it is always a good idea to have someone there to help you if something should go wrong. Having a friend nearby can help to prevent accidents like falling in, so never skip this step.

6) Be aware of electrical hazards.

Sometimes you don’t need to work on your septic tank, but around it. In such cases it is important to be aware of any electrical hazards that may be underground. If you strike one of these wires, you could end up with electrical shock. Risk increases when using a metal shovel to dig. In addition, sparks could ignite, again causing your tank to implode.

7) Avoid heavy machinery

This is more of a money-saving tip than it is a safety tip. Heavy machinery can cause damage to your septic tank. This is especially true if you are passing over the ground that covers it. To avoid any need for costly repairs, just avoid running anything heavy over the area surrounding your tank.

8) Educate your family.

Your family should also know the rules of septic tank safety. This is especially true if you have small, curious children. The best advice would be to tell your children to stay away from the tank altogether. But in case they decide to explore despite your best warnings, it is important that you emphasize to stay away from the opening.

9) NEVER enter a tank.

This is by far the most important safety rule you can follow in regards to your tank. Unless you have been specially trained and have the proper equipment, NEVER enter your septic tank. Death from septic tank accidents DO occur, and most occur because proper measures are not taken. Even if someone has fallen in a tank, you should not go in after them. If you do, you are putting both them and yourself at risk. Call the appropriate emergency services instead.

10) Call a septic tank Pueblo CO professional.

If you’re ever in doubt about your septic tank, just call in a professional for help. There are many safety hazards that come along with working on such a system. Unless you are properly trained, performing maintenance or repairs on your own septic system can put you in harms way. If your septic system is in need of repair, go the safe route and call in a trained professional.

Of course, there are things that you can do from inside the house to help prevent the need for septic repairs. Here are a few:

1) Repair leaky plumbing fixtures immediately. Did you know that a leaky toilet can waste up to 2000 gallons of water in a day? This can cause an overload to your septic system. If you notice you have a leak, fix it immediately.

2) Conserve water. On average, you should be using about 50 gallons of water per day per person. Anything more is unnecessary. Not good at water conservation? Here are a few tips to help you cut back:

-Take shorter showers. Or only fill your bathtub half way.

-Shut water off when brushing teeth, washing hands, etc.

-Wait until you have a full load to wash dishes and clothes.

-Invest in water saving devices.

-Use low-flush model toilets.

3) Turn off water when going on vacation. If you are going away for a few days or more, turn off your water. This is especially important during cold months when your pipes are more at risk of breaking.

How can a septic tank Pueblo CO specialist help you?

In addition to ensuring your safety, there are many other things a septic tank specialist can do:

1) Pumping: The process of pumping out your septic tank and removing water to an appropriate facility. A septic tank specialist can ensure your waste is removed safely and in accordance with proper environmental standards. You should pump your tank every 3-5 years.

2) Repair and installation: A septic tank specialist can help to install your tank. They can also help to ensure it stays in peak operating condition.

3) Repair drain fields: A specialist can help to repair or replace pipes and lines to keep your tank running efficiently and trouble free.

If you have a septic tank, call septic tank Pueblo CO pros today for help. A professional can help you to safely install, manage, and repair your system on an as needed basis. So give us a call today!

What to Look for in Plumbing Contractors Pueblo

When you have an emergency, the last thing you want to be doing is searching for the right plumber. Knowing what you are looking for beforehand is a good place to start. And whether your job is large or small, having the right plumber can take the stress and worry out of your repair needs. But what exactly should you look for in plumbing contractors Pueblo?

plumbing contractors Pueblo

Image courtesy of Storyblocks.

1) Accreditation and Certifications

This is probably the most important thing to look for in a plumbing contractor/company. Such things can help to show that the plumber is legitimate and professionally able to carry out the jobs at hand. Certifications and licenses also show that the plumber has education and experience in the field. In return, you can feel satisfied that they know what they are doing and you won’t be facing additional problems down the road.

2) Insurance

Insurance is important for any plumber.  If they aren’t insured and damage occurs, you could be left responsible for a large, unforeseen bill. Even worse, if an injury occurs while the plumber is working, you could listed as at fault. Ensuring that plumbing contractors Pueblo have insurance can help you to avoid each of the concerns listed above.

3) Online reviews

Online reviews are an excellent source of information when it comes to businesses and contractors. A review can give you an idea of what type of job the contractor did and if they were reliable. They can also give you detailed opinions in regards to the work and professionalism of the contractor or business at hand. If you are unsure about hiring a specific contractor, look for online reviews first. If they have more bad reviews than good, it’s probably time to move down the list!

4) Work guarantees

Hiring plumbing contractors Pueblo that don’t guarantee their work doesn’t mean you are getting scammed. But it does put you at risk of future unforeseen costs. For example, imagine you have a fixture repaired just to find out something went wrong after the plumber leaves? Without a guarantee, you can’t be sure that the plumber will return to fix it for free. With a guarantee, you can ensure protection for your fixture for a given period of time. In other words, if anything goes wrong with their work you can guarantee the plumber will be back to fix it for free. But guarantees don’t just protect your money. They also show that a company or contractor is confident in their work. And you always want someone who is confident in their work!

5) Friendly staff

When hiring a plumber contractor, you, your family, and your home should all be treated with respect. A good plumber should take the time to listen to and address your concerns. They should also be willing to provide you with appropriate quotes. In addition, they should clearly explain what they are going to do, as well as how long it will take them to do it. Communication is important throughout the time that the contractor is in your home so that you know what to expect each step of the way. When finished a job, they should leave the space clean. Good plumbers will never leave your house or space in a mess.

Remember, a contractor is someone you are inviting into your most personal space. As such, they are someone you should feel comfortable around and that you trust in your home.

6) Experience

While this is not to say that young plumbers cannot do an excellent job, experience is always an asset. With more experience comes more knowledge. This is especially helpful when unexpected situations or problems occur. An experienced plumber will better know how to handle different situations as they arise – even if they are out of the norm.

When looking into a plumbers experience, ask them how long they have been in business. If a company or contractor has been in business for several years, it is a good sign that they have a proven track record of high quality work. In addition, you can ask for references. And don’t be afraid to check them! It is always important to hear other people’s perspectives on those that you are bringing into your home.

Patterson Plumbing contractors Pueblo: What do we fix?

We work with all makes and models of home plumbing, heating, and cooling systems. We do drainage and sewer repairs, as well as plumbing installation and replacement. Other services we provide include repairs and installations for all water heaters, boilers, furnaces, and radiant heat. In sharp contrast, we also do air conditioning repairs as well as air quality services. Water treatment and bathroom remodelling are also within the services we offer.

What do we promise you?

-Friendly customer service specialists that will listen to your questions and needs.

-Quick advice and dispatch from a professional technician who matches your needs.

-Professional plumbers who will treat you, your family, and your home with respect.

-Highly trained, knowledgable, and professional technicians and plumbers.

-Diagnosis and recommendations related to your concerns.

-Guaranteed quotes prior to starting work so you will never have to guess how much your job will cost.

-Good communication regarding completed work

-We will never leave your home in a mess and will always clean up our work area before    we leave.

-We provide follow up phone calls to ensure satisfaction with our work.

If you are looking for plumbing contractors Pueblo, look no further! At Patterson Plumbing we offer you everything you could ever need in a plumber. We do all types of jobs dealing with heating, plumbing, and cooling systems. Our staff are both knowledgable and professional, and ready and willing to send you help now!

Solutions For Both Heating and Cooling Pueblo CO

Looking for solutions for both heating and cooling Pueblo CO? The problem, though, is being able to find a solution to both. Introducing: the heat pump. In this article, we’ll discuss why heat pumps make an ideal solution to both warm weather and cold.

The heat pump is a new concept to many home owners, who are more used to furnaces for keeping warm, and normal AC units for keeping cool. The idea may be relatively new, but heat pumps work in a way we’re all familiar with- more on that later. Homes all across the country use this heating and cooling source to stay nice and warm in winter, and sweat-free in the summer. For that reason, then, the heat pump ranks highly on many people’ list of useful home appliances.

Interested in finding out if a heat pump could solve the problems you face at present? Then let’s take at the benefits – and drawbacks – of the heat pump.

Heating and Cooling Pueblo CO

Feeling cold? Have a heat pump installed! Image courtesy of Storyblocks.

Heating and Cooling Pueblo CO: The Simplest Solution

The main requirement most people have when choosing heating and cooling is simplicity. Nobody wants a system that feels like you have to crack a code just to turn on. Also, nobody wants a system that costs them more than it saves. The heat pump changes all of that. Super-simple to use and very easy to work with, they deliver great heating and cooling as well as great value for money.

If you don’t already know, the simplest way to describe a heat pump would be to say that it’s an AC system but inverted. Instead of producing cool air, it takes cool air and heats it up, thus making your home much warmer. So unlike a furnace or boiler, it doesn’t need to use fuel to heat your home. They operate using a thermostat just like an AC conditioner, and keep your home a constant temperature, whether it’s hotter or cooler outside.

So now that you know a little more about what heat pumps are and how they work, let’s take a look at why you should consider having one installed in your home.

Heating and Cooling Pueblo CO: Heat Pump Pros

Without doubt, heat pumps offer one of the simplest ways for heating a home.

  • Heat pumps don’t use fuel to generate heat, just electricity. Many other heating options might be just as effective, but are likely far more damaging to the environment in the long-term.
  • To have a heat pump installed, you don’t need to undertake major renovations of your home. Furnaces need venting, and boilers need radiators and plumbing to install; not heat pumps.
  • By using the same components as an AC unit, heat pumps operate the same way- just in reverse. If you have or used to have an AC unit, you’ll understand exactly how to use one.
  • One of the main pros of heat pumps, though, is their sheer efficiency. Many other systems, such as a furnace, see a lot of waste energy. Much of the energy is wasted as the air cools while it travels through your venting system. This limits the quality of heat that you can get – as well as the efficiency. However, a heat pump has nothing like the same problems.

So, with that in mind, you can surely see why so many turn to heat pumps. What, though, are some of the concerns that exist around heat pumps? Are there any reasons why you might want to consider the alternatives?

Heating and Cooling Pueblo CO: Heat Pump Potential Concerns

Really, the only concern would be maintenance. If your heat pump gets old and breaks down, you’ll not be able to use it for either heating or cooling, which is inconvenient. But so long as you look after your heat pump, it can deliver highly efficient heating. It’s generally safer and simpler to use than other heating solutions like furnaces and boilers, since it doesn’t burn gas.

Space is not a particular concern. Heat pumps are the same size as AC units, so if you already have an AC unit, furnace or boiler, then you won’t be using any more space than you do already. Even better, heat pumps don’t necessarily require ducts if you only want to heat one room in your home. If you have a furnace, your heat pump can be linked up to the same ductwork, again saving on space.

This should make it easy for you to decide if a heat pump is a good choice for you. Making the choice can be a challenge, but it’s by no means an impossibility. You should look to speak with a heat pump installation contractor like us first and foremost. We can help you to see if installation of a heat pump makes sense in your household. Don’t just decide that you want one; it has to be a logical, affordable and space-friendly choice.

Heating and Cooling Pueblo CO: Making The Decision

So, what do you think? Are you interested in having a heat pump installed? There are no better HVAC professionals in the Pueblo CO area than Patterson Plumbing. We’re experienced at installing heating and cooling systems, and we’ll ensure you get the quality that you deserve. We’re a family owned business that has been helping Pueblo residents with all things HVAC for decades now. So why not give us a call? One of our friendly office staff would be more than happy to help, and we even offer free consultations!

Looking for Air Conditioner Repair Pueblo CO?

For any home owner, one of the most important ‘tools’ you have is your air conditioner. If your security systems are what keep you safe, your air conditioning is what keeps you happy. It helps to stop those stressful, sweaty days spent hiding from the heat during the summer. However, over time, an AC unit will begin to fail, lose performance and need to be repaired or replaced. In this article, we’ll take a look at the main problems your AC unit is likely facing. The first issue we believe is most common in AC repair is filtration failure!

Air Conditioner Repair Pueblo CO

Image courtesy of Storyblocks.

Air Conditioner Repair Pueblo CO: Filtration Failure

So, the most common problems that your AC unit would be likely to deal with are filtration issues. These issues can seem innocuous at first, and usually will only cause very minor drops in performance. However, over time, as that filter gets clogged with dirt and grime, it will really reduce output. When that happens, you’ll have to empty it out and make sure it’s at full capacity once again. You can do this yourself if you know how, or have an AC contractor do it for you when you get an AC tune-up before the summer.

Filtration issues should not be ignored. If you keep putting it off, then you can be sure that the filter will fail. The more time that filter spends clogged up and full of junk, the less efficient if becomes. This is costing you money every single day – so don’t hold back on getting it fixed.

A filter change once per month is a necessity, in our opinion. While it depends on AC usage and where you live, it’s a general rule of thumb we recommend. It’s like changing a filter in the car; leave it for long enough and it’ll cause you a headache. Do yourself a favor, then, and either change it yourself or hire an AC professional.

Air Conditioner Repair Pueblo CO: Drainage Decay

Another common problem is to do with drainage. When your AC unit is under operation, it creates water. This is because the air in your home is essentially evaporated. This allows it to both cool and heat the refrigerant (more on that below). Without a well-managed drainage system, though, your AC unit is going to become far less effective long-term.

Ideally, the water should be put through a condensate pipe. If this does not happen, or it’s not happening enough the AC unit will pool water somewhere else instead. To help you spot this particular issue, just look for a puddle forming underneath the AC unit. This could mean that your drainage pipes clogged up. Another common problem is that condensed water will freeze if the pipe is not the right size, or if it’s particularly cold outside.

Naturally, you should look to have the system fixed ASAP. As ever, hire an expert in air conditioning repair in Pueblo, CO, if you are unsure of anything.

Air Conditioner Repair Pueblo CO: Refrigerant Problems

As mentioned above, refrigerant causes more problems than most people would ever be likely to notice. This is probably the most worrying problem with an AC unit, and you shouldn’t try to repair any problem involving leaking refrigerant yourself.

The main reason is that refrigerant itself is very toxic – dangerously so. This means, in terms of correcting the issues, equipment and experience matters a great deal. A technician can solve the problem for you a lot easier than you could. Trust us, it’s far better than falling ill due to refrigerant toxicity.

The main cause of such damages and leaks are broken pipes and seals. Solving such a problem long-term is a nightmare itself. Doing it when there is the potential for toxic material being near you? We cannot recommend it enough. You might like a bargain and/or see yourself as a DIY expert; in this case, though, it’s not worth risking your health.

Air Conditioner Repair Pueblo CO: The Passing of Time

Of course, your AC unit might just be growing old. Wear and tear damages everything over time. From the seals becoming less tight or cracked allowing efficiency to drop to filters becoming old and needing to be replaced, many reasons can let your AC unit down.

Worried that your old AC unit might need to be replaced? An AC contractor can find a way to help correct the problems at hand to avoid a full replacement service. Of course, if your AC unit is beyond repair, we can install another one for you instead. You can avoid a sweaty and stressful summer with the right replacement!

With the right choice of AC unit, you can make a wholesale change to how you feel. Managed accordingly, and with the above repairs taken care of, even the flimsiest of AC unit will last for many years. If you are serious about maximizing the lifespan of an AC unit, then, consider hiring an expert.

For anyone looking to correct an issue with their AC unit, why not give us a call? We can fix, repair or replace any AC unit and any problem you can throw at us. For years, our clients in the Pueblo CO area have relied on us for all things HVAC.  One of our friendly office staff would love to help, and we even offer free consultations. So it’s about time that you gave us a call!

What Are The Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater Pueblo CO?

Looking to reduce your energy bills? Or maybe to buy a more environmentally friendly water heater? Then why not consider a tankless water heater Pueblo CO?

Rated for its ability in helping save energy costs after an up-front expense, few who go tankless go back. Taking up less space, offering greater efficiency and improving operation are just some of the reasons they work wonders. How good, though, is a tankless water heater for you?

Let’s take a closer look at what a tankless water heater actually is. Most people choose to have them installed due to financial concerns. There is, though, more to the idea of a tankless water heater than just money. Money might play a big role in your choice, but there are plenty of other benefits too. Let’s take a look at why investing in a tankless weather makes a lot of sense.

Tankless water heater Pueblo CO

Image courtesy of Storyblocks.

Tankless Water Heater Pueblo CO: Operation and Usage

One of the most common reasons for installing a tankless water heater is the issue of space. Do you have a lot of limited space at home? Are you trying to find a way to make some more room? Then going waterless can help to free up that sizeable storage cupboard, for a start! They heat water as and when it’s needed rather than storing it in a tank, which will save you plenty of room. That also means that they can be installed almost anywhere around the home.

The operation of a tankless water can, according to estimates, save you as much as 50% on water-related energy costs per year. All of those showers in the morning for the family add up over the years. So, too, do all of those quick washes at the sink. Add in doing the dishes etc. and water energy costs might soon add up. But if you don’t have a large family, then you’re heating up all that water for nothing. Going tankless stops that waste.

Tankless Water Heater Pueblo CO: Potential Challenges and Risks

Another important consideration is installation itself. Should you hire someone to do it for you? or do it yourself?

NEVER attempt tankless water installation yourself. If you knew how to install one, you likely would not be here in the first place. This is a very difficult job and should never be attempted alone. But they can be installed with relative ease by someone who understands the process. If you want to avoid making an installation that barely works, hire a professional. A pro will have worked on projects like these before, so they’ll know what to expect and what to do if something goes wrong!

Also, you need to think about pricing. Pricing is a major factor in getting a high-quality installation put in place. When choosing help with tankless water heating installation, ensure they are trustworthy. Take a look at installation costs, reviews from previous customers and also general opinion on performance levels.

But if you’re content with hiring contractors like us to do the work for you, it’s time to start looking at the benefits of having a tankless water heater. Do the benefits of installation outweigh the initial costs?

Tankless Water Heater Pueblo CO: The Benefits of Installation

  • The primary benefit is, of course, energy cost reduction. Every household wants to spend less hard-earned money on utility bills and more on themselves. That can be hard to square off, though, in modern living. Tankless water heater systems offer an easy enough way for reducing expenditure. You no longer need to try and keep all of those gallons of water somewhere: the massive tank storing the water vanishes. This means that you waste less energy. The extensive energy output needed for keeping such a large amount of water hot will reduce your bills.
  • These heaters can provide hot water directly to your faucet, whenever you need it. A continuous hot water supply is great in the morning. Sick of going for a shower and finding that the water isn’t hot yet, or that somebody else used it all? With a tankless water heater, you have as much hot water as you need.
  • Tankless water heaters are substantially smaller. Regular water heaters fill up a large tank, which is usually in the basement, with hot water. That way, you have enough hot water for washing clothes, running a bath and more. With a tankless water heater, the water is heated up as it runs through a small pipe to your faucet (or wherever else you might need it). So not only do you have as much water as you need, but you don’t have to have that huge tank in the basement either.

If you have a big household- partner, three kids, plenty of clothes to wash- then tankless water heaters might not be the best choice. That’s because you need plenty of hot water, and tankless water heaters are best for small jobs: think one shower and one faucet at a time. Anything more than that, and you’ll miss having a tank of hot water.

Tankless Water Heater Pueblo CO: Making The Right Investment


So, do you think that a tankless water heater might be right for you? If you’re not sure, or you would just like some more information, why not get in touch? One of our friendly office team would love to help you. We offer free advice and estimates, affordable pricing, and professional service. Get in touch today!

Why Choose Professional Plumbing Canon City CO?

Plumbing problems can become very frustrating, very quickly. That’s why when faced with broken plumbing Canon City CO residents might choose the DIY route. In this article, though, we will take a look at why trying to go DIY on the plumbing can be more problematic than it may appear.

From blockages to breaks in the plumbing itself, many things can cause your plumbing to go haywire. However, while many problems around the house can easily get DIY treatment, plumbing is not one of them.

Plumbing has to be professional. Just about any kind of plumbing work has to be signed off by a professional, accredited contractor. This is why many people who make the mistake of undertaking plumbing problems on their own struggle.

Let’s take a look at the main reasons why going professional matters so much.

Plumbing Canon City CO

Image courtesy of Storyblocks.

Plumbing Canon City CO: Making A Bad Situation Worse

For one, a professional plumber is much more likely to avoid making the problem worse. As a non-pro, you might think it’s a mere case of replacing a broken part or getting some drain unblocker down there. Sadly, things are rarely ever so simple in the complex and challenging world of plumbing. 

You might fancy yourself as a bit of a DIY expert. And many people are. There’s nothing wrong with having belief in yourself – but you should know your limits. Solving every problem without having to get a specialist in is quite unlikely, as expensive as they can be. Maybe there’s more than one part that needs replacing. Maybe you didn’t realise that you needed specialist, high quality tools. Trying and failing in circumstances like these can make a bad situation worse, and far more expensive.

Now, plumbing can be an expensive hire – of course it can. But what makes it more expensive is if you try and correct it all yourself. A professional plumber can spot the problems at hand and solve them quickly and at good cost. If you try fix it on your own, then you’ll be more likely to make the problem escalate.

You can avoid that problem simply by hiring a professional plumber. 

Professional Plumbing Canon City CO Offers Peace of Mind

Another key reason to hire a plumber is the same reason as hiring any expert: peace of mind.

  1. When you do the job yourself, there’s always that lingering fear. What if you messed up?
  2. What if the “YouTube Expert” you followed talks a good game but missed out a crucial step?
  3. Where will you stay if that ‘100% fix’ turns into a catastrophic problem that ruins your household?

It’s not uncommon. Trying to go DIY with plumbing is more like crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. You could stop what appears to be the problem, but in reality make the real issue far worse in doing so.

To help you avoid such a calamity, a professional plumber can step in. An expert will come in, take a look, and find the problem at hand. This stops you worrying about if you actually solved the problem. Also, it gives you total peace of mind if you try to sell the place in the future. You can move away good conscience, knowing a flood isn’t about to destroy your old home and ruin somebody’s life!

Professional Plumbing Canon City CO Can Identify Other Problems

When you fix plumbing issues yourself, it feels pretty damn great. You feel like a bit of a superstar; delighted with the success of your DIY fix. However way you might have solved one problem, though, another might be lurking.With plumbing, the “obvious” solution isn’t always the definitive one. It’s like a bad guy in a movie; just when you think you’ve gotten rid of him, he’ll be back! 

This is why a professional plumber makes their money. Instead of just solving the one problem that you found, a professional will be able to fix anything that looks out of place.

In general, then, a professional plumber is the ideal choice for solving problems. This allows you to know you are working with someone who is experienced, accredited and professional. That counts for a lot in an industry where a single mistake can cost you more than your time and stress. It could literally cost you everything.

So, never take the hiring of a plumber as a minor investment. The wrong plumber could see your entire home damaged. A good plumber, though, could add on years of high quality living to the house’ lifespan. Either way, you should never try take on a cleaning job alone.

Plumbing Canon City CO: It Isn’t That Easy!

Expertise matters, anyway. What do you do for a living? Do you get frustrated when people assume the job is easy?

Most people do; and rightly so. The assumption that what you do for a living is easy is more often than not, wrong. Plumbers get that all the time, though. It’s “just” a blockage, or “only” a break. These problems are far more intricate than they sound. This is why so many DIY plumbing jobs become a household nightmare. An underestimation of the job needed when replacing or repairing plumbing can be the difference between peace of mind, and a flooded basement!

Serious about making sure you get a plumbing professional in to do the job needed, then?

You should look to hire Patterson Plumbing. We are the professional plumbing experts, with decades’ worth of expertise in a family-run plumbing firm. You always want a plumber who has moved with the times, like us. We pride ourselves on offering a cast-iron, 100% plumbing solution.

For more information, then, why not get in touch today? We offer rapid response rates and solutions which will do far more than your short-term solution from YouTube!

Of all the Canon City plumbers, why should you choose us?

When you are in need of some plumbing assistance around Canon City, deciding who to choose can be tough. But of all the Canon City plumbers, we’re the best! So why should you choose us instead of the competition? Here’s each reason why we think you should!

Canon City plumbers

Canon City plumbers: Image courtesy of Pixabay (CC0 Creative Commons).

So, out of all the Canon City plumbers, why should you choose us?

For years, we’ve delivered a very professional plumbing service, one built upon the needs and wants of our clients. We’ve been around for many years, too, first entering the challenging yet rewarding world of plumbing in 1984. Founded by Jim and Nancy Patterson, the company has gone from strength to strength in the following decades. Having served the Pueblo community as a plumbing contractor beforehand, the Patterson’s were recommended to go it alone.

This is why Patterson Plumbing and Heating does such a good job. Recommended by the community thanks to years of expert service, the aim is to live up to that reputation. Plumbing, after all, has to be handled by people who know the role and care about getting the job done right.

This means that if you are looking for Canon City plumber who care, Patterson Plumbing makes a fine starting point. With a clear understanding of what makes a good plumbing service, PPH delivers time and time again. If you are serious about getting high quality plumbing that makes sense, let us know!

Sense is so important in plumbing, after all. Poorly repaired plumbing or incorrect installation can lead to huge, expensive and damaging problems in the long-term. So, avoid such headaches today and work with plumbing professionals who care about craftsmanship.

What Makes Patterson Plumbing & Heating Your Ideal Canon City Plumbers?

  • For 20+ years, Paterson Plumbing and Heating has served the Canon City community reliably. We care deeply about giving people a plumbing solution that is built upon what you asked for; not what we want to do. While we’re happy to showcase our expertise, we care for your opinion and input.
  • It’s this customer-centric approach that has helped PPH to reach the top of the Better Business Bureau ratings. Customers love us and don’t mind sharing that love with the rest of the world. We maintain a high set of standards, first put in place by Jim and now carried out by Rick Patterson.
  • In today’s generation of the Patterson family, Rick makes sure that you get the same clarity, consideration and confident solutions time after time. While it can take a whole lot of work to solve a plumbing problem, our team don’t mind getting their hands dirty!
  • Plumbing requires a special level of expertise to solve the problems that you are facing. Our plumbing team not only know how to deliver in a timely manner, but we do it safely. No risks are taken and every precaution is put in place to ensure the job is efficient and of the highest quality.
  • We’ve spent our time as local Canon City plumbers building our reputation. We listen to our customers, we appreciate their opinion and use every job to help improve ourselves as a business. Nobody at PPH thinks they know-it-all; we are committed to perpetual improvement.
  • Customer service is sky-high, and alongside excellent craftsmanship this is one of the main reasons people hire us regularly. We are known to deliver a personable yet professional service. Everything is explained in full, and we’re happy to keep you updated on progress and the changes you should expect from our handiwork.

Placing Your Trust in Plumbing Professionals

Of course, placing your trust in a plumbing professional isn’t simple. You have to take them for their word; that they are capable, accredited and suitable to the job at hand. Should you hold any doubts whatsoever about this, then contact PPH. We don’t just offer a confident, consistent plumbing experience; we’ve got the proof to show you how much we can help you out!

Our aim has always been to help the Canon City community make water problems a thing of the past. From correcting plumbing errors to finding leakages, blockages and more. Our expertise and knowledge of plumbing in Canon City can help to:

  1. Avoid the cost of repairs rising with every passing day. Instead of letting the problem fester, we’ll nip it in the bud!
  2. Reduce the monthly cost of your household or place of business by removing blockages and improving efficiency.
  3. Maximizing the quality and value of your home and your quality of life in general.
  4. Meet all professional and personal requirements for your business or household.
  5. Keep the water flowing and all water-based systems working without a single hitch or delay.

Sick of having problems that stops you from enjoying the quality of life that you deserve? Then work with a team of passionate plumbing professionals like ourselves. As a family run business now in its second generation, you can be sure that you are hiring a team of proven, passionate plumbers.

Make The Right Call, Starting Today!

So, if you are serious about getting plumbing that does the job you need, contact PPH today. With expertise and a passion for the job, we offer top quality and efficient service, each and every time.

If you would like to know more, please- get in touch! Get the help that you need by calling 718-544-4922 for stress-free plumbing!

Searching for ‘HVAC Pueblo CO’? You’ve come to the right place!

At Patterson Plumbing and Heating (PPH), our entire ethos is simple: offering the highest level of service that we can. That’s how we offer HVAC Pueblo CO residents can rely on. The lifeblood of our business is happy customers who want to come back time and time again, and who recommend us. This is something we have always felt great pride in; knowing that people like our service.

However, that has come from over two decades of professional HVAC servicing in the Pueblo, CO area. It’s part of the business that we have always paid great attention to, and something that we care deeply about.

This is why over the years we have spent so much time honing and improving our skills. At Patterson Plumbing and Heating, we never believe we are the finished article. Plumbing and HVAC changing all the time, and we look to change with them. For a company that never presumes it is perfect, then, Patterson Plumbing and Heating can be just what you are looking for.

We care about making sure the job is done right, that every precaution is taken and no corners cut. Poor quality plumbing can backfire on you at any time, so we make sure to only provide top quality HVAC. This is why are rated A+ on the Better Business Bureau; we care about quality, consistency and being reliable.

HVAC Pueblo CO

HVAC Pueblo CO: Image courtesy of Pixabay (CC0 Creative Commons).

HVAC Pueblo CO: Working with Professionals Who Care

Ever since our foundation in 1984, Patterson Plumbing and Heating has been committed to building a community image. From Jim to Rick, the company has moved through the Patterson family to help build a platform that allows customers to always feel cared for. We deeply care about how we are perceived, and how our work is seen. This is why we put so much effort into making sure that our job is done well, and that nothing goes wrong. When you hire us, we are being entrusted to solve any HVAC problems you have – so we’ll endeavor to do so.

If this means having to put in extra hours, we’ll be happy to do so. When we install, replace or repair any plumbing for you it should last for many years to come. Anything other than total improvement on efficiency and quality is, in our eyes, a failure. So, we work tirelessly to make sure every job receives the same care and precision as we would our own households.

If you want to work with a plumbing company that genuinely cares, we are here to help. We take nothing for granted and presume nothing; we listen closely to your requirements, acting accordingly. We’re happy to live up to our commitment to offering total guarantees on all parts and labor, with a minimum 1-year warranty.

We’ll never break our promise to leave you in a better position than when we arrived on the job.

HVAC Pueblo CO: How Can We Help You Today?

One thing that we look to break away from in the plumbing community is taking too long to complete a simple job. Rapid professional HVAC assistance is a necessity when your home or business is without water! However, that is not possible without the right tools. This is why we use fully stocked trucks with all manner of plumbing, heating and air conditioning equipment onboard. This allows us to get you a service that delivers in one visit.

We hate the idea of your plumbing or HVAC needs taking more than a single day. To avoid that, our team works tirelessly to deliver on a regular basis. Our team-based approach allows for a consistent, professional output time and time again. This allows you to see the service unfold in front of you as we offer what we believe to be perfect plumbing repair and maintenance!

We will carry out every single aspect of the job with your say-so, too; as experts, we deeply respect your choices. This is why many in the Pueblo, CO area are more than happy to recommend us to friends and family. We’ll explain every step of the process so you are never out of the loop.

Do you want a quality finish on any plumbing or HVAC needs you have? Then PPH is here to help. And we’ll be more than happy to offer a fully-costed estimate, too.

HVAC Pueblo CO:  What Makes Our Services Worthwhile?

For one, we never take any kind of risk in our work. That means no shortcuts, no rushed jobs, and no inferior parts. We’ll never look to cut corners or do anything that could shorten the lifespan of our repairs, or even endanger you and your family in the future.

Every on of our technicians is hand-picked and selected thanks to their professional excellence. They are happy to explain every part of the process to you. Our team give our clients full peace of mind by offering insurance and the utmost professionalism. We run a strict and stringent drugs use policy and professional standard practice. This allows us to know that our staff will represent our business to the best of their personal and professional ability.

We value your property, and will give it the same treatment and care that we would our own. PPH will never take your home for granted. We know how important it is to you. You can be sure, then, that the Patterson Plumbing and Heating team will never take liberties with your property, leave a mess behind, or treat you with disrespect.

Quality is something that we never take for granted at Patterson Plumbing and Heating. We care massively about delivery and design, and take every precaution that we can. If you want to hire a professional who you can believe and trust, then, contact us today. PPH rates A+ on the Better Business Bureau with good reason; so let us show you why!