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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Of all the Canon City plumbers, why should you choose us?

When you are in need of some plumbing assistance around Canon City, deciding who to choose can be tough. But of all the Canon City plumbers, we’re the best! So why should you choose us instead of the competition? Here’s each reason why we think you should!

Canon City plumbers

Canon City plumbers: Image courtesy of Pixabay (CC0 Creative Commons).

So, out of all the Canon City plumbers, why should you choose us?

For years, we’ve delivered a very professional plumbing service, one built upon the needs and wants of our clients. We’ve been around for many years, too, first entering the challenging yet rewarding world of plumbing in 1984. Founded by Jim and Nancy Patterson, the company has gone from strength to strength in the following decades. Having served the Pueblo community as a plumbing contractor beforehand, the Patterson’s were recommended to go it alone.

This is why Patterson Plumbing and Heating does such a good job. Recommended by the community thanks to years of expert service, the aim is to live up to that reputation. Plumbing, after all, has to be handled by people who know the role and care about getting the job done right.

This means that if you are looking for Canon City plumber who care, Patterson Plumbing makes a fine starting point. With a clear understanding of what makes a good plumbing service, PPH delivers time and time again. If you are serious about getting high quality plumbing that makes sense, let us know!

Sense is so important in plumbing, after all. Poorly repaired plumbing or incorrect installation can lead to huge, expensive and damaging problems in the long-term. So, avoid such headaches today and work with plumbing professionals who care about craftsmanship.

What Makes Patterson Plumbing & Heating Your Ideal Canon City Plumbers?

  • For 20+ years, Paterson Plumbing and Heating has served the Canon City community reliably. We care deeply about giving people a plumbing solution that is built upon what you asked for; not what we want to do. While we’re happy to showcase our expertise, we care for your opinion and input.
  • It’s this customer-centric approach that has helped PPH to reach the top of the Better Business Bureau ratings. Customers love us and don’t mind sharing that love with the rest of the world. We maintain a high set of standards, first put in place by Jim and now carried out by Rick Patterson.
  • In today’s generation of the Patterson family, Rick makes sure that you get the same clarity, consideration and confident solutions time after time. While it can take a whole lot of work to solve a plumbing problem, our team don’t mind getting their hands dirty!
  • Plumbing requires a special level of expertise to solve the problems that you are facing. Our plumbing team not only know how to deliver in a timely manner, but we do it safely. No risks are taken and every precaution is put in place to ensure the job is efficient and of the highest quality.
  • We’ve spent our time as local Canon City plumbers building our reputation. We listen to our customers, we appreciate their opinion and use every job to help improve ourselves as a business. Nobody at PPH thinks they know-it-all; we are committed to perpetual improvement.
  • Customer service is sky-high, and alongside excellent craftsmanship this is one of the main reasons people hire us regularly. We are known to deliver a personable yet professional service. Everything is explained in full, and we’re happy to keep you updated on progress and the changes you should expect from our handiwork.

Placing Your Trust in Plumbing Professionals

Of course, placing your trust in a plumbing professional isn’t simple. You have to take them for their word; that they are capable, accredited and suitable to the job at hand. Should you hold any doubts whatsoever about this, then contact PPH. We don’t just offer a confident, consistent plumbing experience; we’ve got the proof to show you how much we can help you out!

Our aim has always been to help the Canon City community make water problems a thing of the past. From correcting plumbing errors to finding leakages, blockages and more. Our expertise and knowledge of plumbing in Canon City can help to:

  1. Avoid the cost of repairs rising with every passing day. Instead of letting the problem fester, we’ll nip it in the bud!
  2. Reduce the monthly cost of your household or place of business by removing blockages and improving efficiency.
  3. Maximizing the quality and value of your home and your quality of life in general.
  4. Meet all professional and personal requirements for your business or household.
  5. Keep the water flowing and all water-based systems working without a single hitch or delay.

Sick of having problems that stops you from enjoying the quality of life that you deserve? Then work with a team of passionate plumbing professionals like ourselves. As a family run business now in its second generation, you can be sure that you are hiring a team of proven, passionate plumbers.

Make The Right Call, Starting Today!

So, if you are serious about getting plumbing that does the job you need, contact PPH today. With expertise and a passion for the job, we offer top quality and efficient service, each and every time.

If you would like to know more, please- get in touch! Get the help that you need by calling 718-544-4922 for stress-free plumbing!

Searching for ‘HVAC Pueblo CO’? You’ve come to the right place!

At Patterson Plumbing and Heating (PPH), our entire ethos is simple: offering the highest level of service that we can. That’s how we offer HVAC Pueblo CO residents can rely on. The lifeblood of our business is happy customers who want to come back time and time again, and who recommend us. This is something we have always felt great pride in; knowing that people like our service.

However, that has come from over two decades of professional HVAC servicing in the Pueblo, CO area. It’s part of the business that we have always paid great attention to, and something that we care deeply about.

This is why over the years we have spent so much time honing and improving our skills. At Patterson Plumbing and Heating, we never believe we are the finished article. Plumbing and HVAC changing all the time, and we look to change with them. For a company that never presumes it is perfect, then, Patterson Plumbing and Heating can be just what you are looking for.

We care about making sure the job is done right, that every precaution is taken and no corners cut. Poor quality plumbing can backfire on you at any time, so we make sure to only provide top quality HVAC. This is why are rated A+ on the Better Business Bureau; we care about quality, consistency and being reliable.

HVAC Pueblo CO

HVAC Pueblo CO: Image courtesy of Pixabay (CC0 Creative Commons).

HVAC Pueblo CO: Working with Professionals Who Care

Ever since our foundation in 1984, Patterson Plumbing and Heating has been committed to building a community image. From Jim to Rick, the company has moved through the Patterson family to help build a platform that allows customers to always feel cared for. We deeply care about how we are perceived, and how our work is seen. This is why we put so much effort into making sure that our job is done well, and that nothing goes wrong. When you hire us, we are being entrusted to solve any HVAC problems you have – so we’ll endeavor to do so.

If this means having to put in extra hours, we’ll be happy to do so. When we install, replace or repair any plumbing for you it should last for many years to come. Anything other than total improvement on efficiency and quality is, in our eyes, a failure. So, we work tirelessly to make sure every job receives the same care and precision as we would our own households.

If you want to work with a plumbing company that genuinely cares, we are here to help. We take nothing for granted and presume nothing; we listen closely to your requirements, acting accordingly. We’re happy to live up to our commitment to offering total guarantees on all parts and labor, with a minimum 1-year warranty.

We’ll never break our promise to leave you in a better position than when we arrived on the job.

HVAC Pueblo CO: How Can We Help You Today?

One thing that we look to break away from in the plumbing community is taking too long to complete a simple job. Rapid professional HVAC assistance is a necessity when your home or business is without water! However, that is not possible without the right tools. This is why we use fully stocked trucks with all manner of plumbing, heating and air conditioning equipment onboard. This allows us to get you a service that delivers in one visit.

We hate the idea of your plumbing or HVAC needs taking more than a single day. To avoid that, our team works tirelessly to deliver on a regular basis. Our team-based approach allows for a consistent, professional output time and time again. This allows you to see the service unfold in front of you as we offer what we believe to be perfect plumbing repair and maintenance!

We will carry out every single aspect of the job with your say-so, too; as experts, we deeply respect your choices. This is why many in the Pueblo, CO area are more than happy to recommend us to friends and family. We’ll explain every step of the process so you are never out of the loop.

Do you want a quality finish on any plumbing or HVAC needs you have? Then PPH is here to help. And we’ll be more than happy to offer a fully-costed estimate, too.

HVAC Pueblo CO:  What Makes Our Services Worthwhile?

For one, we never take any kind of risk in our work. That means no shortcuts, no rushed jobs, and no inferior parts. We’ll never look to cut corners or do anything that could shorten the lifespan of our repairs, or even endanger you and your family in the future.

Every on of our technicians is hand-picked and selected thanks to their professional excellence. They are happy to explain every part of the process to you. Our team give our clients full peace of mind by offering insurance and the utmost professionalism. We run a strict and stringent drugs use policy and professional standard practice. This allows us to know that our staff will represent our business to the best of their personal and professional ability.

We value your property, and will give it the same treatment and care that we would our own. PPH will never take your home for granted. We know how important it is to you. You can be sure, then, that the Patterson Plumbing and Heating team will never take liberties with your property, leave a mess behind, or treat you with disrespect.

Quality is something that we never take for granted at Patterson Plumbing and Heating. We care massively about delivery and design, and take every precaution that we can. If you want to hire a professional who you can believe and trust, then, contact us today. PPH rates A+ on the Better Business Bureau with good reason; so let us show you why! 

How to Find Good Quality, Affordable Plumbing

Finding affordable plumbing which is also of a high standard can be very difficult. There are many untrustworthy plumbers and plumbing companies out there who try to tempt customers with attractive prices. However, many of them charge cheap rates because they lack the necessary tools or skills to do the job properly. So even though you’re paying a lower price for the work, you end up paying through the teeth when everything falls apart.

So, how can you find affordable plumbing while also making sure that they’re going to do a good quality job? Read on to find out what to look for, and what to avoid!

Make sure your plumber is licensed and qualified

This should be fairly obvious, but it’s such an important step that some people forget about. When you’re considering a plumber to carry out work on your home, make sure to ask to see their qualifications. Different states have different laws when it comes to plumbers and other contractors, so make sure to check the requirements for your state before you start out. Some states require plumbers to have a license, meaning they have pass exams to prove their expertise. Others simply require a plumber to be registered, which doesn’t guarantee competency.

It’s always worth asking the plumber what exams they’ve taken and what qualifications they have. If they don’t have any, you may want to err on the side of caution. A plumber who isn’t licensed may be able to offer you affordable plumbing, but if their work isn’t up to scratch, you’ll soon find out the hard way. Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Get a quote before work begins

Never trust a plumber who won’t offer you a quote before they start on the project. When you want some plumbing work done, an expert plumber should offer you a realistic estimate of the cost based on what you need them to do. Some even offer free consultations, where they’ll come to your home and assess what needs to be done before they give you a quote. However they do it, you should be sure that they don’t try to avoid talking about the price. 

If they seem too keen to start work without telling you how much it’ll cost, or they are too vague about it, it’s best to avoid them. After all, even if they assure you that they offer affordable plumbing, you can’t be sure until you have a quote. If they do offer a quote, make sure you get it in writing, too – so that if they try to charge you a lot more, you have proof! 

Check online reviews

In this modern age, nothing is as helpful as the internet when it comes to making difficult decisions – such as which plumber to choose. If you’re considering using a plumber for the first time, you should search for them online first. There are lots of websites out there which are dedicated to reviewing tradesmen. Remember, some companies offer affordable plumbing to draw you in, and then produce substandard work. You could end up spending so much on getting the work fixed that it won’t have been worth the savings. 

When someone has a bad experience with a plumber, they’re likely to post about it online. That way, other people won’t make the same mistake.  If, after some serious detective work, you haven’t found any negative reviews, they’re probably trustworthy. 

affordable plumbing

If you’re looking for affordable plumbing, make sure you don’t sacrifice quality. Free illustration: Plumber, Janitor, Pömpel, Repair – Free Image on Pixabay – 1162323 : taken from – https://pixabay.com/en/plumber-janitor-p%C3%B6mpel-repair-work-1162323/https://creativecommons.org/licenses/publicdomain/

Ask around- friends and family

If you have any friends or family in the area who have used plumbing services, it’s worth asking around. You may find that other people in your area have experience with the plumber that you’re considering. If your friends and family have had bad experiences with them, you should probably avoid them too. After all, you can’t be too careful!

If friends and family members can’t help you, you could even try asking local businesses. Shops, cafés and restaurants all have plumbing systems, and may have needed the services of a plumber in the past! It never hurts to ask around. Especially as some plumbers don’t really advertise, and rely on word of mouth to sell their services.

Don’t fall for rock bottom prices

It’s the oldest trick in the book: tempt customers with a cheap price, and you’ll make a sale, no matter the quality of your work. Just like every kind of business out there, some plumbers take advantage of people who haven’t got much money to spare. It’s sad, but not all plumbers are proud of the work that they do. Some tradesmen deliberately offer extremely low prices in exchange for shoddy services. Customers are tempted by the promise of affordable plumbing, and get burned when it turns out the plumber is untrustworthy.

The phrase “you get what you pay for” can sometimes be worth remembering. If a plumber is offering dirt cheap services, there’s probably going to be a catch. Chances are, the work won’t be very good. And when you end up having to make emergency repairs, you’ll understand why it’s sometimes worth spending a little more!

Don’t fall for rush jobs

This point runs along the same lines as the previous one, but it’s definitely worth pointing out separately. Sometimes, a plumber will entice you in by promising a really speedy service. I’m sure you can understand why this may be quite tempting. After all, you don’t want to be stuck without a working toilet or shower for very long – especially if you have a big family! However, it’s important to realise that for most jobs, good quality work can take some time to complete.

If a plumber is promising that they’ll do the job twice as quickly as any other company, you should be wary. They may be sacrificing the quality of their work in order to see as many clients as possible in a short stretch of time. As tempting as the offer may be, it would be better to find someone who will carry out the work thoroughly and to a high standard.

So, there you have it: the six main things to look out for when searching for affordable plumbing. And if you still need some help, don’t be afraid to give us a call. We’ll be happy to give you a quote and talk through your options with you!

HVAC Canon City CO: Why You Need a Furnace Tune-Up for Winter

HVAC Canon City CO: So, it’s that time of year again. The weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter, and winter is fast approaching. But you’re not worried about the cold, because you have a home furnace to keep you toasty warm! However, when was the last time you actually got your furnace checked over? Most people know that getting a furnace tune-up once a year is important, but a lot of people don’t bother with it. After all, if you lead a busy life, it’s easy to take your furnace for granted and forget to get it checked over.

What you may not know is that regular furnace maintenance can save you time and money, and keep you safe. Read on to discover our top six reasons why you should get a furnace tune-up before winter sets in!

HVAC Canon City CO

It’s cold out there! Get a furnace tune-up this winter so that you don’t end up with a chilly house.
Free photo: Eiskristalle, Frost, Frozen, Cold – Free Image on Pixabay – 1938842 : taken from – https://pixabay.com/en/eiskristalle-frost-frozen-cold-ice-1938842/https://creativecommons.org/licenses/publicdomain/

HVAC Canon City CO: Don’t be left without heat

This reason is probably the most obvious one, so it deserves to take the top spot. If you don’t get your furnace checked over regularly, it could develop a fault without you knowing. This may leave you suddenly without heat in the dead of winter. If you live in an area which experiences very cold winters, you’ll understand why this is not ideal! Nobody likes waking up in the middle of the night to a freezing cold house, especially on a weekend or during a holiday.

If waiting for the repairman to come and fix your furnace doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, you’re probably better off getting a furnace tune-up before you need to worry. This is especially important if you have vulnerable people living in your home, such as young children or elderly persons. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

HVAC Canon City CO: Maintain your warranty

Did you know that most manufacturers of furnaces, AC units and boilers require that they receive annual maintenance for their warranty to be valid? It’s true! The simple reason is that the manufacturer wouldn’t want to be held responsible for replacing your furnace if you hadn’t paid for basic maintenance throughout its service lifetime. Not only that, but they don’t want to be responsible for serious problems like gas leaks (more on that later). But if you do have your furnace tuned-up each winter, you may be able to have it replaced under warranty if anything goes wrong, saving you plenty of money.

HVAC Canon City CO: Keep air quality high

Aging furnaces don’t just work less efficiently than their modern counterparts. They can also lower the air quality of your home, especially if you don’t change your filter regularly. If there are dirt and smoke particles making their way into your home through the ventilation, you may not notice at first. But whether you notice them or not, they can be bad for your health.

Having regular repairs and maintenance keeps the air quality in your home high. Your technician can clean out your filter, and make sure that the fuel in your furnace burns clean. Changing the filter is something you can actually do yourself, if you don’t mind getting a little dusty. But if you’d rather have us do it, we don’t mind!

HVAC Canon City CO: Keep your family safe

There are three main reasons why an old furnace can become dangerous.

  1. Old gas furnaces can leak the deadly gas carbon monoxide into your home. Even if you have a carbon monoxide alarm, which you really should, stopping these leaks before they start is best.
  2. Old furnaces can also be a fire hazard, especially in the basement where they’re surrounded by old boxes and furniture.
  3. If the pipes become old and rusted, you may also experience gas leaks, which are very dangerous. Your home could catch fire or even explode, given enough gas coming from the leak.

An experienced technician can spot where problems like these may occur, and fix them before they do.

HVAC Canon City CO: Save money on fuel and repairs

If your family’s health isn’t important enough for you, then how about this: having a furnace tune-up could help you to save money on fuel! You might be thinking, ‘Well, having a furnace tune-up is going to cost me money anyway. So why don’t I just leave things as they are?’ Well, for starters, keeping your furnace in top condition means that you won’t have to pay for costly repairs. The worst furnace problems can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars to fix, and can leave you without hot water for days. Who wants that?

But making sure that your furnace is in top condition doesn’t just mean ‘stopping it from breaking down’. It means keeping it working at maximum efficiency, and getting the most warmth out of the least fuel possible. An example, which we have already mentioned, is making sure that the filter is cleaned out regularly. This keeps all of the warm air (and none of the dust or grime) flowing nicely, and as efficiently as possible.

HVAC Canon City CO: Avoid expensive emergencies

Last but not least, maintenance can avoid the need for emergency service calls. Picture the scene: it’s the dead of winter. A cold, dark night. Suddenly, your furnace bangs to a halt! As much as we would love to rush to the rescue like Superman, we have a long list of call-outs to attend to; plenty of furnaces, boilers and heat pumps stop working in the winter. We’ll have to arrange a time and date for our service call, which could be some days- days that you’ll be without hot water and warm air. You’ll never have to experience that if you have regular tune-ups.

Interested in booking our services? Let us know either through our website, or by giving us a call. We would love to hear from you!