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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Low-Cost Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen

Dreaming of a new kitchen, but don’t have $19,000 (the average price of a kitchen remodel) to spend on one? Don’t sweat it; you can still achieve a fresh look without breaking the bank. Here are a few low-cost ways to revive your kitchen, courtesy of the experts at 5-Day Kitchens of Pueblo.

Upgrade your hardware.

Adding new hardware, such as handles and hinges, it a subtle way to spruce up the look of any kitchen. In fact, this small swap can improve the appearance of your entire cabinets for less than $10 a piece. Always opt for traditional-looking hardware over gimmicky pieces (such as animals), which can get old fast.

Remove upper cabinet doors.

If glass cabinet doors are out of your budget, but you still want a more open look, consider removing the doors on your upper cabinets altogether. It’s quick, easy, almost free (just have to fill and paint the holes), and can make your kitchen feel that much more spacious.

Add new accessories.

Sometimes the little things can make the biggest difference; this is definitely true when it comes to refreshing your kitchen. Adding simple pieces of art, wicker baskets, wood cutting boards, or colorful small appliances can really bring a room together without requiring a ton of money.

Install a backsplash.

Backsplashes don’t cover a lot of space in the kitchen, making them a relatively cheap investment. What they lack in square footage, they make up for in flair. Finding and installing the right backsplash is a surefire way to make your kitchen pop!

If you do decide to fully renovate your kitchen, make sure you choose a contractor you can trust. Colorado residents need to look no further than 5-Day Kitchens of Pueblo to get the job done right. As Patterson Plumbing’s trusted kitchen remodeling division, we will make sure your remodel goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. If you live in Pueblo County or the surrounding area, give us a call at (719) 404-4242.

How to Prevent a Clogged Toilet

Nothing can turn a simple bathroom trip into stressful one quite like a clogged toilet.

Toilet clogs aren’t just messy, they can damage your plumbing system and lead to costly repairs. Follow these tips from Patterson Plumbing to prevent your toilet from clogging, and all of the problems associated with it.

Maintain your drains.

Proper drain maintenance is a good way to prevent all sorts of plumbing problems, including clogged toilets. Good plumbing maintenance includes inspecting your fixtures for signs of leaks, corrosion, and low water pressure. If you notice your toilet has a weak flush, correct the problem immediately rather than waiting until it is too late.

Know what’s flushable, and what isn’t.

Many toilet clogs are caused by attempting to flush items that have no business going down the drain. Here’s a tip: the only two things that are flushable are human waste and toilet paper. That mean’s wipes, pads, and female hygiene products labeled as “flushable” should not be flushed down your toilet – despite what the packaging may say.

Don’t overload your toilet.

Sometimes, clogs can still happened even when you only flush waste and toilet paper. This is because your toilet can only handle so much with a single flush. Lighten the load on your toilet by minimizing the amount of toilet paper you send down the drain with each flush. For bigger jobs, try breaking up the load into two, or even three flushes.

Got a clog that you can’t get rid of? The professionals at Patterson Plumbing are just a phone call away. We happily serve all homes in Pueblo County, Colorado and the surrounding area. From drain cleaning to leak fixing and everything in between, give us a ring at (719) 544-4922.

Signs That You Need to Clean Your Air Ducts

When you make your spring cleaning list every year, are you including your air ducts? Because you should be.

While neglected by most homeowners, air ducts play an important role in household air quality. These ducts can become a breeding ground for common allergens such as dust, pet dander, and mold. Once in your air ducts, these particles can circulate throughout your entire home.

This can lead to allergy-like symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, runny nose, itchy eyes, and a sore throat. In severe cases, it can even trigger asthma attacks and cause respiratory infections. If you feel like you are suffering from allergies, even in the comfort of your own home, your air ducts could be to blame. Here are a few signs that you should have yours cleaned:

  • It’s been more than three years since your last duct cleaning.

  • Your home gets dusty quickly after cleaning it.

  • You have recently moved into a new home, or completed a renovation project.

  • It smells like mold in your home.

  • Air flow coming out of the vents seems weak.

  • You have pets that frequently shed hair.

  • You smoke inside the home.

  • You, or a family member, frequently suffers from allergies while in the home.

Properly cleaning your air ducts requires professional tools, such as rotary brushes and high-powered vacuums. For this reason, it is best to hire a qualified service to perform the job.

Homeowners in Pueblo County, Colorado can count on Patterson Plumbing & Heating for a thorough air duct cleaning at a reasonable price. Contact us online to schedule your service, or give us a call at (719) 544-4922.

6 Smart Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Dishwasher

If you love to cook, a dishwasher can be your best friend. Unfortunately, many of us abuse our dishwashers, which leads to dirty dishes and frequent breakdowns. Use these six tips from Patterson Plumbing to get the most out of your trusty appliance.

  1. Clean your plates before you load them into your dishwasher. Nobody wants to wash their dishes before they wash their dishes, but putting a food-covered plate into the dishwasher hurts performance and can cause clogs.

  1. Run hot water before starting the dishwasher. Before you start a load of dishes, run your sink until the water feels hot to the touch. This way, your dishwasher won’t have to warm up.

  1. Make sure your water is ideal for washing dishes. Not all water is created equal. Hard water, or water with a high mineral content, is tough on dishes and doesn’t provide a spot-free clean.

  1. Know what can’t go in your dishwasher. Putting the wrong thing in your dishwasher can damage both the item and the appliance. Common no-no’s include vintage plates, wooden utensils, and bottles with the labels still on.

  1. Load your dishwasher strategically. There is a right way and a wrong way to load a dishwasher. For best results, place large plates and pots on the bottom rack, facing towards the center. Cups, plastic tupperware, and smaller dinnerware are reserved for the top rack.

  1. Give your dishwasher a little TLC. A little bit of care can go a long way towards maintaining your dishwasher. Routinely clean the seal and trap, and run an empty load with a cup of white vinegar to keep your dishwasher running like new.

Looking for more ways to maximize the effectiveness of your dishwasher? Check out these tips from The Kitchn.

Neglecting to care for your dishwasher can cause the appliance to malfunction, and even damage your plumbing system. Luckily for you, the experts at Patterson Plumbing are just a phone call away. If you live in Pueblo County, Colorado, call us for all of your plumbing repair needs at (719) 544-4922.

Benefits of Smart Thermostats

Intelligent home automation system: Fahrenheit temperature multimedia thermostat

Smart phones, smart TVs, smart watches, and now… smart thermostats?

They may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but smart thermostats have made their way into more than 30 million homes across the country.

A smart thermostat allow you to control your home’s heating and cooling system via smart phone, tablet, or desktop. They also allow you to schedule your temperature preferences for different times of the day and days of the week.

Smart thermostats offer many benefits for homeowners, such as:

  • Energy Savings. The greatest benefit of smart thermostats is their ability to save energy year-round. Their smart scheduling settings allow you to always be comfortable in your house, all while using significantly less energy. In fact, many models pay for themselves within two years due to the energy savings they provide.

  • Improved Comfort. Nobody wants to come home to a hot, humid home – but nobody wants to pay to keep an empty house cold, either. Smart thermostats give you the best of both worlds. Keep your air conditioner off for most of the day, but have it power on just in time to cool off your home for your arrival. The same logic applies with your heating system during the winter. You no longer have to choose between comfort and energy savings!

  • Remote Access. Many new smart thermostats allow users to connect remotely via WiFi. This means you can control your home’s climate from the grocery store, the office, or halfway across the world. This is particularly useful if you own a second home and want to keep your pipes from freezing, or if you forget to turn down the thermostat before leaving for vacation.

Patterson Plumbing & Heating is the leading home HVAC authority in all of Pueblo County, Colorado. Count on us to keep you comfortable all year long with our home heating and cooling solutions, including HVAC system repairs, installation, and maintenance services. Contact us online to schedule your appointment with one of our licensed technicians, or give us a call at (719) 544-4922.

6 Bathroom Remodeling Do’s and Don’ts

Draft of an architectural project or blueprint

Bathroom remodeling can be tricky, but not if you know what you are doing! Use these six do’s and don’ts from Re-Bath of Pueblo to turn the bathroom of your dreams into a reality.

  • DO set a budget. The fastest way to break the bank during your bathroom remodel is by not setting a budget. An easy way to save money is to keep your layout the way it is. Focus on upgrading your fixtures, not relocating them – moving your plumbing system can quickly rack up costs.

  • DON’T skimp on the things you use the most. There are plenty of opportunities to save money during the remodeling process, but there are a handful of things you should not skimp on. These include the things you use most – your fixtures, faucet, drawer handles and slides, and hinges.

  • DO make sure there is enough light. Lighting is an undervalued and overlooked component to bathrooms. You want to make sure there is a good balance of natural and artificial lighting, as well as sufficient task lighting around personal grooming areas.

  • DON’T fall into fads. Going for the latest looks is always tempting, but they might be outdated in a couple of years. Instead, play it safe and go with a timeless look that you will enjoy for years down the road.

  • DO think of resale value. When remodeling your bathroom, don’t just factor in your personal preferences; consider how your choices will impact your home’s resale value. Even if you have no plans of putting your home on the market, you never know what the future holds.

  • DON’T trust just anyone with your remodel. Your bathroom remodel will only come out as good as the contractor you hire to complete it. The same job done by two different contractors can yield two very different results. Be thorough with your search for a good contractor – make sure to choose one who is licensed, insured, and can provide several references.

If you live in Pueblo, Colorado or the surrounding area and are planning a bathroom remodel, look no further than Patterson Plumbing. Our bathroom remodeling division, Re-Bath of Pueblo, is guaranteed to get the job done quickly, correctly, and for an affordable price. Call us today at (719) 404-4242 to get started.

Debunking 3 Common Plumbing Myths


The internet is full of tips to keep your plumbing system operating like new, but everything on the internet is not true. In fact, there is a lot of misleading information out there surrounding home plumbing systems.

In this article, the experts at Patterson Plumbing help clear up some of the confusion by debunking three common plumbing myths.

Drain cleaner is a good way to clear up clogs.

Got a clog in the kitchen sink? Just pour in half a bottle of your favorite drain cleaner to clear it up. Or maybe not. While drain cleaners are an effective short-term solution to clear up a clog, the long-term damage they can inflict on your pipes is not worth the quick fix. You can make a homemade drain cleaning solution out of baking soda and vinegar that is cheaper and completely safe – click here to learn how.

A leaky faucet is no big deal.

Drip. Drip. Drip. That sound you hear is money leaving your wallet. You may think a leaky sink is no cause for concern, but think again. A faucet that drips just once per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons over the course of a year – that’s about 175 showers’ worth of water.

Plumbing fixtures require no maintenance.

Out of all the plumbing myths circulating around the internet, this one is the most dangerous. Neglecting your plumbing system and fixtures can result in breakdowns, pipe leaks, flooding, and costly repairs. At the very least, you should have your home’s plumbing system professionally inspected and tuned up once per year.

Residents of Pueblo County, Colorado can count on Patterson for all of their plumbing needs. Our specialties include drain cleaning, leak repairs, plumbing services, installations and more. Contact us online or give us a call at (719) 544-4922 to schedule your appointment.

4 Plumbing Tips You Need to Know this Summer

Garden sprinkler

Follow these tips to make sure your summer fun in the sun doesn’t wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing system:

Keep sand out of your drains.

If you are planning a trip to the beach this summer, make sure not to track any sand back into your house. Those tiny little specks seem insignificant when they go down your shower drain, but they can actually create some pretty big clogs. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is by leaving any sand at the door. Use a whiskbroom to brush it away, or wash off with a garden hose before stepping inside.

Turn off your water supply before leaving for vacation.

Vacation is supposed to be a relaxing, enjoyable time for the whole family. The last thing you want to come home to is a problem, especially a flood. Turning off your water supply before you leave will help prevent an unexpected pipe burst from putting a damper on your trip – no pun intended.

Be mindful what you put down your garbage disposal.

After hosting a family cookout, it might be tempting to put all your food waste down your garbage disposal, but that isn’t such a good idea. Fibrous foods like corn husks and celery stalks can do some serious damage to the motor, and greases, fats, and oils can solidify to cause clogs.

Inspect your outdoor water lines for leaks.

Water leaks aren’t just wasteful, they are costly too. Even a small leak in your plumbing system can result in hundreds of dollars being added to your utility bills. Make sure to inspect your outdoor water lines every month for signs of problems, including your sprinkler system, pool, and garden hoses.

If you run into issues with any of your home’s plumbing fixtures, help is just a phone call away with Patterson Plumbing. For more than 30 years, we have been Colorado’s most-trusted source for plumbing repairs, installations, and heating and cooling services. If you live in Pueblo County or the surrounding area, contact us online or give us a call at (719) 544-4922.