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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Home Safety Tips – National Safety Month

Baby in bath

Did you know, about one third of all injuries occur in the home and that some of the most common ones are entirely preventable? From slips and falls to toxins and burns, it’s important to take preventative measures to ensure your home is safe.

In honor of June being National Safety Month – we want to encourage you run a safety check on your plumbing, heating, and cooling systems to avoid any unnecessary situations:

Slips and Falls

  • Install grab bars and non-slip mats in your tub or shower. Use a bathmat with a nonskid bottom and clean up any water that gets on the floor right away.
  • Remove any and all clutter from stairs and include nightlights in hallways, bathrooms, and bedrooms.


  • Make sure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are unobstructed and that their batteries are fully charged and working properly.
  • Mold can be a serious health issue, so be sure to check for leaks often. Leaks can develop throughout the home and should be addressed immediately to avoid serious water damage and mold growth.


  • Prevent scalds or burns by simply lowering the temperature of your water heater. Not only will this decrease your accident risk – but you will be saving money on your electric bill as well!

For over 25 years, Patterson Plumbing has been Pueblo, Colorado’s go to company for plumbing, heating, cooling, water treatment, and remodeling needs. Give one of our expert technicians a call today: 719-544-4922. Don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more updates and industry news.

5 Simple Ways to Update Your Kitchen This Weekend


Is your kitchen in need of an update but you’re not ready to make the commitment for a complete kitchen remodel? Not to worry – there are some simple things you can do to liven it up! All you need is some creativity and a quick trip to your home goods store:

  1. Paint it: A new coating of paint is an easy update. Feel free to add some new color accidents to your walls or even the kitchen cupboards. To really enhance the look try a whole new color scheme!
  2. Light it:  A hanging, pendant light is a great statement piece that can set the tone for any kitchen. Opt for replacing its lampshade with a new daring material.
  3. Handle it: From stainless steel handles to delicately decorated knobs – it’s amazing what new cabinet handles can do for the kitchen. Just make sure to pick one style and keep too it for continuity!
  4. Plant it: Bring your herb garden inside to add a splash of color (and convenience). Herbs are fine to grow in pots so long as they are properly watered and receive adequate sunlight.
  5. Shelve it: Minimize clutter and mess by adding a few wall mounted shelves. First decide what you’d like to display – antique kitchen gadgets or decorative jars – and then figure out their positioning.

This weekend, breathe new life into your kitchen with the above tips – you’d surprised at what a big difference a small change can make!

When you are ready to discuss a complete kitchen remodel, give the experts at Patterson Plumbing and Heating a call. Our kitchen remodeling division, 5 Day Kitchens, will work with you to ensure your new remodel meets all of your family’s needs.

What Not to Put Down the Garbage Disposal

Group Of Friends Having Dinner Party At Home

With guests coming over for your Memorial Day celebrations, the last thing you want is a malfunctioning garbage disposal. As convenient as this appliance is, if it’s not operated or maintained properly, it can easily break down, block, and clog your drains causing a whole laundry list of problems.

So how do you ensure you are using it properly? Start by making sure you aren’t putting any detrimental items down there! Here are the top foods you should avoid putting down your disposal:

  • Grease – Any oil or hot, liquid fat should not go down the disposal (let alone the drain). When grease cools, it solidifies in the drain – leading to clogs down the line.
  • Starchy Vegetables – Keep any stringy, fibrous, or starchy vegetables (think potato peels, lettuce, or celery) out of the disposal as they can easily wrap around the blade clogging the drain.
  • Pasta – The longer pasta sits in water, the more it expands, ultimately clogging your drain over time.
  • Bones – A garbage disposal isn’t strong enough to handle bones from chicken, pork, lamb, or beef. Throwing them down there will get them caught and wear out the disposal.

It’s important to remember your disposal shouldn’t be used in place of your trash can. If you do find yourself with some clogs after your company leaves – don’t panic, we’re here to help. The experts at Patterson Plumbing & Heating are available for all of your plumbing needs, give us a call today!

Customer Testimonial Spotlight

Family of four at home with toys

Summer vacation brings a full house and hotter temps, making it vital to be sure your home is prepared. With Memorial Day Weekend upon us, use this unofficial start to summer as a reminder to make sure your plumbing and air conditioning has received their seasonal service from us. Just take a look at what some of our customers have said recently about our work:

“I called this company as I had a major plumbing problem that needed repaired in the downstairs bath. They were able to do it the next day and sent Greg C. out. He was the most courteous, qualified person I have ever dealt with. He went right to work on this big job and got it all done on the same day. He cleaned up every bit of debris caused by this repair and left the area as good as new. He did not track mud or snow in and wore covers over his shoes. He explained why he was doing everything he did and was very open to any questions I had. I will always use this company and hopefully I can get Greg every time. I would trust any job to this company and to Greg.” – Linda R.

“Very professional and thorough. EXCELLENT Pueblo company- they called when they could come earlier than the scheduled appointment time, Thank You. Very prompt on meeting their scheduled appointment. Tony quickly determined the problem, and quickly resolved the problem. After repair was finished, Tony provided feedback to me on how he fixed the problem. As an engineer, I really appreciated his thoroughness and dedicated to providing quality work. A job WELL DONE, Tony. I highly recommend Patterson Plumbing for their work ethic and value they place in customer service!” – Terri K.

“Tim, my service tech, instilled confidence from the moment we met. His appearance was neat and his uniform clean. He explained the job and what the charges would be. His work was done in a timely fashion and completed to my satisfaction.  I would recommend Patterson to all who asked.” – Steven M.

For over 25 years, Patterson Plumbing has been Pueblo, Colorado’s go to company for plumbing, heating, cooling, water treatment, and remodeling needs. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Reducing Allergens in Your Home


Each year, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America declares May to be National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month – and for good reason. With the excess of pollen and mold, this pre-summer month is peak season for asthma and allergy sufferers.

But not to worry! While you may not be able to prevent what’s happening outdoors, there are some things you can do to reduce and combat allergens in the home:

  • Clean! Give your home a thorough cleaning, including regular dusting and vacuuming. You may also want to have your carpets cleaned periodically and area rugs laundered weekly.
  • Replace filters! Clean and replace all filters for your AC or bathroom fan regularly.
  • Limit the clutter! Keep dust mites at bay by keeping surfaces in the home clean and uncluttered.
  • Close doors! Prevent entry of pollen into the home by keeping doors and windows closed.
  • Reduce moisture! Install a dehumidifier to reduce moisture around the bathroom, kitchen, or other water ares of the home. These work well in reducing both mold and dust mites.

As you prep your home to be allergen free, why not give us a call for annual air conditioning tune-up! We’re the Pueblo, Colorado area heating and air conditioning tune-up specialists, offering upfront pricing and clean and courteous technicians. Call and make an appointment that’s convenient for you today! 719-544-4922.

Celebrate National No Dirty Dishes Day!

Dish washing

Let’s face it, if doing the dirty dishes is your least favorite household chore you aren’t alone. So in honor of today being National No Dirty Dishes Day, we wanted to provide some ways to help in your celebration.

Option #1 – Choose to wash, dry, and put away EVERY dish, bowl, cup, utensil, and so on in their respective places to have no dirty dishes in sight as well as a spotless kitchen. As a reward, treat yourself or the family for their cleaning efforts by heading out to dinner tonight to avoid piling any dishes into the sink.

Option #2 – Choose to avoid the dishes all together and take the day off! Instead, use some paper plates and utensils for your meals to avoid adding more plates to your to do list tomorrow. Bonus points if you opt for biodegradable plates!

Option #3 – If still hand washing your dishes, use today to look into purchasing an energy efficient dishwasher! An Energy Star certified dishwasher can save you on average 1,600 gallons of water over its lifetime.

How are you planning to observe this special day? Share with us on our Facebook page!

At Patterson Plumbing & Heating, we’re available for all of your plumbing needs. Give one of our expert technicians a call today: 719-544-4922. Don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more updates and industry news.

Choosing the Right Sized Air Conditioner for Your Room

Smiling family on floor in living-room

As the days start to get warmer, air conditioning season will be in full drive. But is your AC well equipped to do its job? If your air conditioner isn’t the proper size, it won’t be able to efficiently and effectively keep you and your family comfortable.

Too large of a system or unit will use more electricity and leave the air in your house with excess humidity. Too small and you will not find your home or room cooled to a comfortable temperature. So how do you figure out a size that is just right? With some basic math and a few moments of your time:

1. Measure the square footage (length and width) of the desired room and write these measurements down.
2. Calculate the square footage of the room by multiplying the length and width.
3. Determine the square footage of each room of your home if you are opting for a central air conditioning system. *You can also review your property tax statement or contact your county auditor’s office to find out this number.
4. Determine the cooling capacity needed for the room or home by referencing the British Thermal Units (BTUs) guidelines: The United States Department of Energy Energy Star website offers these guidelines per square footage:

  • 100 up to 300 sq. feet: 5,000 to 7,000 BTU
  • 300 up to 550 sq. feet: 8,000 to 12,000 BTU
  • 550 up to 1,000 sq. feet: 14,000 to 18,000 BTU
  • 1,000 up to 1,200 sq. feet: 21,000 to 24,000 BTU
  • 1,500 up to 2,000 sq. feet: 30,000 BTU
  • 2,000 up to 2,500 sq. feet: 34,000 BTU

Once you’ve determined the correct size unit or system needed for your home, give the air conditioning experts here at Patterson a call. Our air conditioning replacement specialists are experts on all types of central air units and will be able to give a thorough analysis of your home. We’ll discuss your cooling system options and assure the best replacement for your home’s unique cooling needs and prepare a firm upfront, no-surprises cost proposal.

Call to schedule a FREE home air conditioning replacement and installation consultation for your Pueblo, Colorado area home, 719-544-4922.